Stories that come at just the right time…

The book that made Gina Ardito my new favorite author!

The book that made Gina Ardito my new favorite author!

Everyone has their own favorite author or authors and growing up mine were Piers Anthony and Anne McCaffrey. I still love those authors and have introduced my oldest daughter to Piers Anthony’s Xanth series, which she now loves too. For most of my life, I avoided reading romance-style fiction based in reality because the whole reason I read is to escape anything that reminds me even remotely of my daily life. This past spring, something inside me finally snapped, clicked, realigned or whatever and I discovered my new favorite author.

It started when I saw the cover of a book that made me hungry for pizza. It was by one of the authors I connected with via social media. The author’s name was Gina Ardito and the book was A Little Slice of Heaven. Once I started reading that book, I couldn’t put my Kindle down! I wrote a review about it on Amazon and expressed how it restored my faith in romance because it did just that! That really is saying a lot for a woman like me who’s a divorce single mother in her 30’s struggling in the world of modern  “dating” and fishing through disingenuous men. I do still believe that there are good men out there, men like my father who know how to treat a woman right and who are true gentlemen.

Until I find such a man, whom I love and who loves me back though I will continue to bolster my faith by reading Gina Ardito’s books. I’ve now read Charming for Mother’s Day, Duet in September and Duping Cupid. Last week I started reading Eternally Yours and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! Are all the men in her books true princes who ooze kindness, charm and sincerity? Of course not! Who would believe that??

I will write reviews on all the books I’ve read but for now, I hope this helps spread the word about them. What I love about Gina Ardito’s books is that all of her characters are easy to identify with. They could truly exist in the real world and their struggles are relatable and human. In the end, the characters in her books snap into shape, wise up, reveal their true hearts and become the heroes that all men and women should be. It isn’t always the man saving the woman, quite often it’s the woman saving the man or the characters saving each other. There is a yin to the yang, a balance to the relationship and the understanding that everyone should stand on equal footing.

Whenever I read Gina Ardito’s stories, they come at just the right time. When I am floundering with my belief in love, when my personal relationships are struggling and when I have trouble seeing the light among the shadows. All I have to do is fire up my Kindle and start reading her written words across its bright surface in my dark room and my hope is restored. Now that is the type of writer I strive to be someday!

The Voice in My Head

There are many expressions about writers and the voices in their heads. Voices from characters they’ve created, voices from their muses and their ever-present self-narration as they go through life. I know all this because I am a writer myself. My post tonight is about a couple of voices in my head but they are the voices of people very dear to me whose wisdom has stuck with me.

The first voice is that of my father. His knowledge and advice while he was alive got me through many challenges in my life. Everything he taught me is still within me and his spirit guides me. Quite often I hear his voice in my head as I recall a favorite memory. I remember bowling with him when I was in my 20s I believe. He told me how to position my wrist for a better throw and every time I bowled after that, I heard his voice in my head telling me the correct way to hold the ball. I haven’t bowled in years but I know if I ever did again, he’d be there.

What my father’s spirit repeats to me most often these days are the words “Be patient.” I don’t know how often he said them to me while he lived but they are a constant presence now. When I am worried and anxious about something, his voice cuts in through my chaotic thoughts and reminds me to be patient. I never quite know what I’m being patient for but I do know that when I haven’t listened to his calm, knowing voice in my head, things have gone terribly awry. So I listen, even when I don’t want to, and I heed his advice.

My father died four years ago this October and with his passing, I was unable to receive any new advice from him. His voice only existed in my head and in my heart as memories. I missed those doses of fresh advice, I felt utterly lost without them. Thankfully, the powers that be have blessed me with amazing friends to help guide me when I am lost. And yet, something was still missing. Eventually the powers that be saw fit to bring a fresh, strong presence into my life who possessed a patience and a depth of wisdom very similar to my father. That person has become that missing voice in my head and a source of illumination in my life when I need it most.

That voice in my head came to my rescue this afternoon on the six-mile walk with Jazzmin. Alas, that story must wait for another day because the voice of my tired mind couldn’t do it justice tonight…