Working with My Hands

For the past several days I’ve been working on updating my Corbin Creations website and renaming my e-book series. I think I’ve finally changed the name of my series everywhere on Amazon and in the e-book but it’s possible that I missed something. The name of my e-book series has now officially been changed to New England Adventures with the first story focusing on my original trip to Boston, MA. I’ve taken several trips to New England since then and it’s now a matter of writing them out in my usual way of telling a story while imparting a bit of life-lesson wisdom.

I’m not quite done revamping my Corbin Creations website but it’s more streamlined and user-friendly than before. It’s an ongoing project as I figure out how to best utilize it to promote myself as a writer and share my love for New England. I know I’ll get it all sorted out eventually. I’d forgotten how much fun it is working on my website until I started this latest project. Rearranging certain details, incorporating photos and selecting a new layout are all fun ways of working with my hands; both physically on the keyboard and mentally by digging into the thought process. As a freelancer I’ve been to many websites that were awful to navigate and I’m trying to insure that mine doesn’t fall into that category.

I’m going to be offering my e-book “New England Adventures: Boston, MA” for free soon but you can check out the updated details now. Amazon Prime members can borrow it for free. If you read it, please review it! Good or bad, I welcome the feedback.