Love is a Year-Round Thing


red crystal heart

Although I’ve had my issues getting a handle on romantic love, I do have a great grasp of non-romantic love. The love I feel for my daughters, my family, my friends, nature, the world and the universe is as strong as ever. While marketing companies want people to believe that love is stronger and/or more important on certain dates, love is a year-round, lifetime thing.

When I was in romantic relationships, I always made the extra effort to make sure my partner knew how much I cared about them. Alas, such effort was rarely returned in kind. Regardless, if I am ever in a romantic relationship again I will continue to give better than I get because that’s how I am. Even without being in a romantic relationship, that’s how I am. I’m kind, caring and loving because it feels good and right to be so. I don’t do it for attention or rewards; I do it because it’s me.

Every year I’m amused when I see men and women crowding grocery stores at the last minute trying to find that perfect February 14th gift for their sweetheart. They snatch up chocolates, stuffed animals and flowers because Hallmark says they should and that if they don’t, they’re somehow failing in their relationship.

I realize there are men and women that fully expect certain gifts every year around this time and I used to be one of them many moons ago. Nowadays I’ve realized that if someone truly loves me then they show it year-round in how they treat me. A smile, a nice word, a text or email that shows they’re thinking about me are all things that indicate caring, at least in my book. I’ve learned to recognize the more subtle signs of caring and I think that’s an important thing in a world where holidays are sometimes taken way over the top.

So today, while many couples go out or stay in for romantic dinners, shower each other with gifts and indulge in other such things, I’m going to spend the day working on a gift for a dear friend, beading, writing and then enjoying time with my girls when they get home from school. The sun is shining and it’s supposed to get warm enough to melt some of the current snow so I have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to love.

Is it really love if…

sunlight snow

I went to the store yesterday for some groceries and the moment I walked through the door I was greeted by the sight of big displays of roses, boxes of chocolates, card and over-fluffy red and pink stuffed animals. As today is Valentine’s Day, the displays didn’t surprise me, nor did the number of people milling about the displays.

My girls are my Valentines and I love them and know they love me without any special holiday. Watching the men and women searching through the flowers, cards and candy, I shook my head. Is it really love if you’re out at the last moment, scrambling for the perfect gift to make your loved one happy? Does buying something sparkly and expensive or taking your mate out to dinner on an over-commercialized holiday mean that you really love them? Is it really love if you only remember to express your love when endless advertisements and heart-filled displays bombard your senses? Love is an all the time thing, not a one-shot deal.

Last year on this day I wrote a poem entitled “Love is Deeper” and posted it on my Corbin Creations blog. Rereading it today, the sentiments still hold true and they always will. I’m re-posting it here and hoping that all your days are special and filled with love in its many forms.


Love is Deeper – 2/14/13

Boxes of chocolates
Bouquets of flowers
Love is deeper.
Sparkling trinkets
Folded paper cards
Love is deeper.
Plush stuffed animals
Brightly colored balloons
Love is deeper.
Written words of rhyme
Melodies in song
Love is deeper.
Wiping a tear away
Enfolding in embrace
Love grows deeper.
Interlocking fingers
The soft brush of lips
Love grows deeper.
Sharing in laughter
Evoking a smile
Love grows deeper.
Listening and hearing
Offering understanding
Love grows deeper.
The cry of a newborn child
Holding a swaddled babe
Love is endless.
The coldest of nights
A breathtaking dawn
Love is endless.
A sky full of stars
The moon gazing down
Love is endless.
A light in the darkness
Unfaltering friendship
Love is endless.
The love of a child
The loss of a parent
Love is eternal.
An unbreakable force
The tie that binds us
Love is always.