A place to play

play room1

This past Sunday was a beautiful day! I got out early to do some errands which included getting groceries and being inexplicably drawn into a craft store. That seems to happen a lot these days! After a brief stop at my mom’s to invite her out for pizza dinner, I headed back home to get some tidying done.

While the arrangement of the toys in the craft/play room is best left to Jordan with her amazing organizational skills (not something she inherited from me), I did my best to tidy up the toys and get them up off the floor. Having a majority of the girls toys in that small room reveals the true size of their collection and gives me ample ammunition for the next time they say “I don’t have anything to play with.” All I have to do is point into that room now!

Toy overflow!

Toy overflow!

I am indescribably happy to finally have my craft table set up! It’s been in the box since my mom gave it to me over a decade ago and I’ve wanted to set it up somewhere forever. It fits perfectly in front of the window in that room and gives me a great view of my bird feeders! The natural light in that room is plentiful for most of the day but should my crafting run into the darkness, I have a daylight lamp to keep the candle burning, so to speak. The lamp was a gift and I’m certain it will assist in my crafting year round!


Last night I discovered that Star Trek: The Next Generation is on Netflix so I set up my tablet and started the very first episode of the show. I was in geek heaven as I crafted and watched Star Trek!

star trek

What was once Jaycie’s room is now a space for creativity and fun. The hardest part is going to be for the three of us girls to get all our work done before we venture into our new favorite place to play. I’m sure we’ll manage somehow…

Don’t Forget the Squid!

A very important reminder!

A very important reminder!

Anyone with a white board on their refrigerator knows that it’s a great place to write grocery lists and reminder notes. My girls and I use it all the time to remember school events, draw pictures for the holidays and make lists for groceries. Well, the note that Jordan wrote on it today was certainly a first! “Bring vampire squid!”

Jaycie loves the Octanauts program on Disney Junior and she got some toys from it this past Christmas. In those toys is a plastic vampire squid that changes color in water. The girls take their Sunday baths at my mother’s house in her big tub and Jaycie keeps wanting to bring that squid but we all keep forgetting. Jordan found the perfect solution by posting that helpful message on the fridge!

Anyone else walking into my kitchen would wonder why we have a vampire squid and how we could ever forget it but to those that live in this house, it all makes perfect sense!