Signs of spring

Roadside stream near my house

Roadside stream near my house

March in the Northeast U.S. is a month full of Mama Nature’s mood swings. She’s not quite ready to let us have warm, sunny days regularly so she tosses one in here and there to tease us amid cold temperatures and scattered snow flurries. That’s okay though because I make sure to enjoy every moment of the nicer days by going outside on walks, while snuggling inside on the less nice Β days.

Thursday is the official “First Day of Spring” but truly, that’s an optimistic notion. I’d be extremely pleased if it was suddenly 55 degrees and sunny out and the muddy, snowy bog that is my yard instantly dried up and sprung to life with green grass. No wait, nix the grass, I’m not ready to mow yet. Flowers will do nicely instead! I’m really just tired of being cold and waking up to dark mornings. The dark mornings will slowly get lighter again as the month progresses but wow, the time change makes it hard to get up early all over again!

I took Jazzmin on a pleasant, two-mile walk this afternoon and was happy to discover that I’m not terribly out of shape from being sick and mostly in bed for the past couple weeks. My legs do still have muscles and my lungs still work up to capacity! A grand discovery indeed! We saw a young fox frolicking in the field during our walk and I grinned from ear to ear because foxes are always a sign of good luck! When he saw us he immediately dashed across the road and into the woods out of sight but I thanked the powers that be for sending me such a positive sign.

The fox was a sign of continuing luck and I welcome it with an open heart, mind and spirit. I’ve had several promising changes in my freelance writing career today and it’s a grand boost to my confidence! This blog is where I ramble about whatever I like and it’s very freeing but it’s also nice to know what my professional writing is appreciated and sought after. Spring has sprung with positive omens and soon it will pop and flourish with warmer days, blooming flowers and leaves on trees!


Spring on Wings

American Robin. Photo courtesy of National Audubon Society

The local forecast for the next 10 days is calling for snow, highs in the 20’s and lows in the teens and single digits. An unwelcome change from the past few days of bright sunshine and mild temperatures in the high 40’s. For a brief moment everyone thought that spring had arrived early, but alas winter isn’t over yet.

Driving home yesterday I did see some signs of hope though and they came on bird wings. Namely the wings of the American Robin. On my drive through Massachusetts I saw numerous robins flying about and several of them nearly dive bombed my car. It’s entirely possible they’re year-round residents of MA, but I prefer to believe that they’re coming back because they sense the arrival of spring. I certainly don’t remember seeing them on any of my previous winter drives and I definitely don’t see them in NY until spring is near.

So as I hunker down, dress in layers and snuggle under multiple blankets for the next several days, weeks, whatever, I’ll take heart in my memories of seeing those lively, red-breasted thrushes flying in little flocks and swooping at my car. Spring comes in on the wings of returning birds and I welcome it with open arms and full bird feeders!