The voice of storms


I love watching and listening as a storm rolls in like it did this evening. The sky darkens, the breeze picks up and thunder rumbles across the sky. Sometimes it sounds like the thunderclouds are talking to each other as a rumble from the the north is answered to the south. Eventually the rain starts and I have to retreat inside from the deck but I continue to watch through the windows. If I’m really lucky, the sun pops out amid or after the storm and I’m treated to a beautiful rainbow as I was this evening. Rainbows don’t rumble but they speak volumes in their wondrous colors.


After the Storm

It rained most of the day today but shortly before the sun set I saw its glow lighting my front trees. Curious to see how the sky looked after all the rain, I took Jazz outside and saw a full rainbow stretching across the eastern sky. It was still raining as I looked at it but I didn’t really mind.

I chased a rainbow once and it led me where I wanted to be but perhaps not at the right time. That journey served a purpose though and proved to me that there is always light after the storm. Sometimes rainbows shine in that light. Sometimes the storm clouds don’t part until the night and then its up to the moon and stars to shine. And sometimes the storm doesn’t pass until the next day and the light is the rising sun. But the light always returns, you just need to know when and where to look.