Powerful pages

Arched ceiling of Boston Public Library Bates Hall

As a writer and artist, I’m on a constant quest for knowledge. While there’s a seemingly endless supply of information on the internet, sometimes I have to take a break from the digital world and lose myself in the physical, tangible pages of printed books. For years, there have been claims that all forms of print media will soon be relics, but I choose to believe that they’ll always have a place in this world.

When I can’t seem to find the inspiration and ideas online that I need for my work or personal writing, a trip to the library is exactly what I need. My oldest daughter and I went to the local library the past two afternoons after I picked her up from school because I didn’t want to return home and risk getting stuck in my driveway (for the umpteenth time this winter) before we had to pick up my youngest from school. The local library in the town where I live isn’t very big and would probably fit neatly in one section of Boston Public Library (pictured above), but it provides enough print media to serve as a viable start for my research.

Yesterday at the library, I found a handful of ideas for my work writing from flipping through the glossy magazine pages of National Geographic and Smithsonian. The text I read from both magazines was only a couple paragraphs long, but it gained more than enough knowledge from that print media to start the wheels turning in my head. I knew I could find more information on the web and from SNHU’s college library to create quality blogs posts and more importantly, I knew those posts would be truly unique. Being unique on the internet is becoming a greater challenge every day, but I’m not one to back down from a challenge.

This afternoon at the library, I found information from magazines and books that inspired me for future personal blog posts. Even more than that, the mere act of reading information from print media reawakened areas of my mind that grow sleepy in the barrage of information from the internet and TV. Awakening forgotten corners of my brain always leads to positive developments that amaze even me and I know that this week’s trips to the library are just the beginning of a new path on my writing and artistic journey.