A day of new beginnings

Sunrise on Plum Island, MA

Sunrise on Plum Island, MA

I closed on my house three years ago today. It was a day of new beginnings. This is the first house I’ve owned all on my own and in my own name. I know what a huge accomplishment that is and I love my little house. The next house I own will be in New England and I’m sure I can’ achieve that goal someday.

Today is a day of another new beginning. It’s the first official day of online classes for me as I pursue a degree from SNHU. The curriculum for the classes I’m taking has been open for a few days and I’ve already been looking it over and reading my class books but today it’s finally real. I’m certain it’s the kind of mental stimulation I need at this point and I know it will lead to great things!

My daughters start school next Wednesday and while my oldest is getting all her school supplies in order my youngest keeps saying that she never wants to go to school again. I don’t now that Jordan is exactly thrilled about returning to school but she doesn’t dislike it to the degree Jaycie does. Even so, I know my girls will both excel in their own unique ways and I’m so proud of them for always trying their best!

In truth, every day is a day of new beginnings. Every day we have is a gift and a chance to start anew with fresh thoughts and perspective. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the troubles from yesterday but it doesn’t hurt to try. If the problems still remain, each dawn gives us a chance to approach them differently and see them as an opportunity for growth. There is good in every day, you just have to know how to look for it. Not all of my yesterday’s were great but today I woke up to sunshine, blue skies and dozens of little butterflies flittering around my yard and for that I am truly grateful!

The power of the ocean

When we first arrived, they just wanted to play in the sand...

When we first arrived, they just wanted to play in the sand…

The last time the girls visited a beach was during our Memorial Day weekend trip back in May. Even then they just ran around the sand and barely tipped their toes in the water. The last time they really played in ocean waves was several summers ago when we visited Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I doubt either of my girls remember that trip and that’s okay with me.

Yesterday we headed to Plum Island Beach for some fun in the sand and waves. Both girls were hesitant to go into the water at first and seemed content to play in the sand. A few minutes later, Jordan wanted to go into the water a little ways so I went with her as Jaycie remained playing in the sand. Eventually she walked up to join her sister but didn’t stay in the waves very long before retreating to higher ground.

Then Jordan was brave enough to go in and Jaycie followed.

Jordan was brave enough to go in and Jaycie followed.

Jordan eventually started digging in the sand by the waves and Jaycie found that interesting so she went over and watched then began to help.

Jordan making her sand mound/castle as the waves come in...

Jordan making her sand mound/castle as the waves come in…

Jordan's castle washed away!

Jordan’s castle washed away!

Jordan trying to dig a hole.

Jordan still trying to dig a hole.


Jaycie was still nervous about going into the waves but she loved playing in the little tide pools created by some of the bigger waves.

Jaycie love the little tide pools made by the larger waves.

Jaycie love the little tide pools made by the larger waves.

jaycie tidepool2

As more time passed, Jaycie got brave enough to come into the waves with me and once she was in, I couldn’t get her out. She went from covering her ears from the loud sound of the crashing waves to squealing with delight at the bigger waves and saying “That wasn’t very big,” when a wave would fizzle out before reaching us. She almost got knocked down a few times by the waves but she stood her ground and laughed and smiled the whole time.

Jaycie digging in the sand despite the water.

Jaycie digging in the sand despite the water.

Jordan was determined to keep digging.

Jordan was determined to keep digging.

Jaycie shoveling some water.

Jaycie shoveling some water.

Into the water Jordan goes...

Into the water Jordan goes…

Jaycie followed behind but kept closer to the beach.

Jaycie followed behind but kept closer to the beach.

We were at the beach for 2.5 hours which we didn’t realize until we got back to the car and saw the clock. My phone battery died about halfway in so I’m glad I got the pictures I did. During our time on the beach, I gained new respect for the power of the ocean because in a matter of only a few hours it turned my daughters into hesitant tide pool toe dippers into wave splashing, body surfing (Jordan anyway) wave lovers! I vowed that next year we’re going to stay right on the beach so we can just walk out our door to the water whenever we want and the girls can spend even more time in one of my favorite water elements, the ocean!

Massachusetts Musings

I’m still reeling a bit from my adventures of the past four days. I have a lot to say but am too exhausted to find the proper words right now. Eventually everything going on in my mind will coalesce into some great stories but for now I’m still sorting through it all.

I arrived at the Fairfield Inn in Amesbury, Massachusetts at around 4:30 on Thursday, June 27th, 2013 and what happened after that is a blur of bewildering experiences! I took almost 300 pictures to help me remember it all. I’m sure I looked like a tourist walking around with my little Canon camera taking photos of this, that and the other thing. I’m so much more than a tourist though. I’m a writer. Everywhere I looked I saw a new story. The pictures I took will eventually help me tell as many of those stories as I can.

I have a lot to say about my explorations of Amesbury, Newboryport, Salisbury, Plum Island and other surrounding areas. I have a highly active imagination but even I couldn’t imagine what happened during those last days of June. I will be writing about my visit to Workspace 36 and why I think it’s a great idea and a cool place to get work done in Amesbury. I’ll share how lost I became in such a fascinating town and the discoveries I made. I’ll admit how much more motivated I am to truly make a life for myself in Massachusetts. Well, I suppose I just did that but I’ll explain why eventually!

Today marks a return to my life in Upstate New York but now that I’ve been reminded of what I’m truly capable of, you can bet that I’m done settling! Time to chase my dreams and leap over the pitfalls that have tripped me up far too many times in past. It’s like I’ve said before and it’s a no-brainer: hard work is just that, hard. Enjoying the rewards of all that hard work…well, that’s the easy part!