The power of the ocean

When we first arrived, they just wanted to play in the sand...

When we first arrived, they just wanted to play in the sand…

The last time the girls visited a beach was during our Memorial Day weekend trip back in May. Even then they just ran around the sand and barely tipped their toes in the water. The last time they really played in ocean waves was several summers ago when we visited Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I doubt either of my girls remember that trip and that’s okay with me.

Yesterday we headed to Plum Island Beach for some fun in the sand and waves. Both girls were hesitant to go into the water at first and seemed content to play in the sand. A few minutes later, Jordan wanted to go into the water a little ways so I went with her as Jaycie remained playing in the sand. Eventually she walked up to join her sister but didn’t stay in the waves very long before retreating to higher ground.

Then Jordan was brave enough to go in and Jaycie followed.

Jordan was brave enough to go in and Jaycie followed.

Jordan eventually started digging in the sand by the waves and Jaycie found that interesting so she went over and watched then began to help.

Jordan making her sand mound/castle as the waves come in...

Jordan making her sand mound/castle as the waves come in…

Jordan's castle washed away!

Jordan’s castle washed away!

Jordan trying to dig a hole.

Jordan still trying to dig a hole.


Jaycie was still nervous about going into the waves but she loved playing in the little tide pools created by some of the bigger waves.

Jaycie love the little tide pools made by the larger waves.

Jaycie love the little tide pools made by the larger waves.

jaycie tidepool2

As more time passed, Jaycie got brave enough to come into the waves with me and once she was in, I couldn’t get her out. She went from covering her ears from the loud sound of the crashing waves to squealing with delight at the bigger waves and saying “That wasn’t very big,” when a wave would fizzle out before reaching us. She almost got knocked down a few times by the waves but she stood her ground and laughed and smiled the whole time.

Jaycie digging in the sand despite the water.

Jaycie digging in the sand despite the water.

Jordan was determined to keep digging.

Jordan was determined to keep digging.

Jaycie shoveling some water.

Jaycie shoveling some water.

Into the water Jordan goes...

Into the water Jordan goes…

Jaycie followed behind but kept closer to the beach.

Jaycie followed behind but kept closer to the beach.

We were at the beach for 2.5 hours which we didn’t realize until we got back to the car and saw the clock. My phone battery died about halfway in so I’m glad I got the pictures I did. During our time on the beach, I gained new respect for the power of the ocean because in a matter of only a few hours it turned my daughters into hesitant tide pool toe dippers into wave splashing, body surfing (Jordan anyway) wave lovers! I vowed that next year we’re going to stay right on the beach so we can just walk out our door to the water whenever we want and the girls can spend even more time in one of my favorite water elements, the ocean!

Can’t quite do it all…

The beautiful day as I drove out of Massachusetts.

The beautiful day as I drove out of Massachusetts.

While I do my best to get as much done as possible, I just can’t quite do it all in a day, or in several days sometimes. I wish I could post in my blog every single day but it just doesn’t happen sometimes. When I don’t post, I don’t get traffic, simple as that.

I had freelance writing jobs that took priority over creative writing during my recent trip to New England but I was at least able to get one new post up about my Amesbury evening wanderings. My trip was full of several more new adventures that I will soon blog about but I couldn’t get to it on the trip. Just not enough hours in a day!

I’m back in Upstate NY and catching up on work amid caring for my daughters, tending my dog, cats and new fish, keeping up a house and sketching out more designs for new jewelry. My grass is starting to green up too which means mowing season starts soon and that will take up more of my precious time. I do my best to write in my blog as often as I can because I enjoy sharing all my experiences. I’m sure I’m not alone though in that, despite my best intentions, I can’t quite do it all sometimes.

Disconnecting, Recharging, Reflecting and Reconnecting

Heavy wet snow weighing down my pine tree the  day I left NY for NH

Heavy wet snow weighing down my pine tree the day I left NY for NH

My plans to post a blog entry every day in November fell through due to several factors, one of which was the poor quality of the wifi access in the hotel I stayed at in New Hampshire. That limited internet access turned out to be a good thing though because it forced me to disconnect and unplug from the constant writing work I’ve been doing the past several months. Had there been reliable internet in the hotel, yes, I would have done some work. The powers that be apparently didn’t like that idea, so internet reception was inconsistent.

The drive to New England Wednesday night was harrowing to say the least. From 20 miles west of Utica to 20 miles east of Albany, I encountered heavy snow and slick roads. I drove slow and steady in my dependable little Toyota Matrix and she served me well! At times I was only gong 20-30 miles an hour but that was okay because at least I was still moving forward. The big snowflakes falling were mesmerizing to look at so I kept a keen eye on the lines of the road, which were thankfully still visible.

People in SUVs and trucks went cruising by me amid the storm and I saw several of them wiped out further up the expressway. Slow and steady gets there, fast and reckless gets in the ditch! I kept saying to myself “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” and hoping desperately for the temperature to get above freezing which thankfully, it eventually did. Once I was out of New York State, driving conditions greatly improved and I even saw the stars at one point! I wasn’t sure they were still up there!

I was so stressed when I finally arrived at the hotel in New Hampshire, I couldn’t settle right away. It was past midnight and I knew I was exhausted but I was wound tight from the white-knuckle drive. I did a little unpacking, made up the bed with my own fleece blanket and holiday comforted and settled in for sleep. The next day was Thanksgiving and while it didn’t go quite as I expected, it was a good day!

Thursday night found me in my hotel room relaxing. I’d come back and taken a nap after the Thanksgiving meal at the church and couldn’t find the energy or desire to go back out again. It was nice being in a warm hotel room instead of back in my drafty house in NY. There was no snow to be seen out the windows and it was clear enough to see the stars. I relaxed on the couch watching TV, eating leftover turkey dinner and periodically playing the little ninja game I had on my phone.

My cell reception was pretty good so it was nice to still have that connection to the outside world. All in all though, I enjoyed kicking back and doing nothing for most of my New England trip. I went out Friday amid the Black Friday crowds but didn’t end up buying anything at the stores. On the way home from that madness, I stopped at a liquor store and got some spirits to help me relax. Once back at the hotel, I had nowhere I needed to be so warming up with a little alcohol was lovely. It all felt like a long overdue break!

I only wanted a small bottle but this was all they had!

I only wanted a small bottle but this was all they had!

I did some research on my phone and learned rather important details about Thanksgiving I had been ignorant of before. I have a new perspective on this time of year and my eyes are more open to the realities of history. I have so much more to learn and I feel I’ve been directed on yet another new and interesting path in my life.

I did go out and about more on my trip but those are stories for another day. For now, I’m just fondly remembering how great it felt to be forcefully disconnected so I could recharge and reflect on things. Now that I’m back in NY with my family and reconnected to all my resources, I realize I have a lot of work to do! Work of the best kind, work that I love, work with the goal of improving the world in my usual way of one word at a time.