The Importance of Dreams

Dreams serve a purpose, both the ones we have while sleeping and the ones we pursue while awake. The dreams I have at night have given me great story ideas, signs about my life, messages from my dad and cleared out the chaos within my mind when it starts to overflow. I am always eager to sleep and discover what new adventures await me within the darkness behind my eyelids.

The dreams we pursue while awake can sometimes come from something we experienced in a sleeping dream.  A glimpse of a great future we never imagined before. Or the dreams we pursue can come from a wish we’ve had for our entire life, a goal we want to achieve. A desire to prove ourselves.

Regardless of where they come from, it’s vital that we have dreams and that we continue to chase them even if no one believes in them except us. There’s no expiration date on our dreams. We’re never too old to have dreams. We’ve never reached a point in our lives where we’re “done” and there’s nothing worth striving for anymore. As long as there is breath within us, there are dreams we can realize, if only we keep trying!

I am a big believer in dreams. They’ve taught me a lot about myself and the amazing feats I’m capable of. The possibilities are endless when I let go of the idea that I’m restricted to a certain path in my life. Pursuing my dreams takes me down roads I never knew existed and tests my determination and fortitude.  The easy route might seem like the safest route but is it really safe to merely exist when I could be thriving?

We are all mortal beings with a limited time on this earth and we owe it to ourselves to fill that time as fully as possible. Chase your dreams, own them, be proud of them and know that the harder they are to achieve, the greater the reward when you achieve them. Achieve them, pat yourself on the back and then pursue a new dream.