Just because

One of my two male ruby throated hummingbirds keeping his eye on me.

One of my two male ruby throated hummingbirds keeping his eye on me this evening.

I wear a sterling silver key pendant with a small heart set sideways at its end. It was a gift from my mother several years ago and I’ve been wearing it every day since. At night I tuck it under my pillow so it’s close by and easy to put back on when I wake up.

It is the key to my heart and thus far, I haven’t found the right one to claim it. It is also a symbol of my eternal belief in love and that someday the right man for me will find me. I do not spend my days obsessing over said man (I used to) because that does no good. When the time is right, he’ll come into my life. Until then and even after that, I am grateful for all the blessings in my life. I have two beautiful daughters, I’m in good health, I have a great family, I own my own home and I’m making a career as a writer. I am not incomplete but there is something missing.

Though the key pendant was a gift from my mother, it makes me think of my father too. The key unlocks my heart but is closely guarded by my father’s spirit. He knows that it will take a good man with a great heart and a man as unconditionally loving of me as he was to win my love. He and I both know that I deserve nothing less.

For reasons I don’t entirely understand myself, I recently felt compelled to make a beaded chain for my key pendant. A very understandable reason was that my current silver rope chain and clasp kept pulling out my hair when it gets caught. But as that’s been happening for years, that’s not really the reason I created my own chain. I did it just because. Just because I felt in my heart that now was the right time to do it.

I knew I wanted it to be made with silver themed beads but that’s all I knew. When I was visiting my mother on Wednesday, I sat down in one of the chairs of her sunroom, pulled out my beads and just started working. The design came to me pretty quick. I chose silver mirror bugle beads interspersed with cobalt blue seed beads, all worked up with brick stitch. I could’ve simply strung beads onto thread or wire and been done with it but I wanted something woven, made with care and 100% unique. I was quite pleased with the end result!

My new beaded chain, key pendant holder and funky clasp design.

My new beaded chain, key pendant holder and funky clasp design.

I used a lobster clasp to hold the key pendant so I can change out charms or put the key on other chains I design. Oh yes, I’ll be making more chains, this is just the beginning!

When my project was finally finished, I went out onto my deck to take some photos of me wearing the new chain. As I sat out there, I heard the hummer approach and I then remained very still. One of my two hummingbird males came and landed, drank a little, looked at me, looked around, drank some more and left.

He's such a proud little thing!

He’s watching me again.

Handsome profile!

Handsome profile!

I smiled as I watched him. After he flew off, I took a couple photos of myself and then just sat there for a while enjoying the relative quiet of the evening.

Wearing my new beaded chain and my key charm.

Wearing my new beaded chain and my key pendant.

When I came back inside and started writing this I heard a hummingbird land on my feeder. I turned to look and was elated to see that it was a female hummingbird! I saw her for the first time earlier today but didn’t have my camera handy. This time I was ready and snapped a picture before she flew off. I’m guessing all of her hummer babies have now left the nest so hopefully I’ll be seeing more of her from now on.

Female hummingbird. Note the lack of ruby-colored throat seen on males.

Female hummingbird. Note the lack of ruby-colored throat seen on males.

I took seeing her as a very good omen of course and higher power approval of my latest creation. I adore my new chain and I’m proud of myself for creating exactly what I wanted even though I didn’t quite understand why I wanted it. As July draws to a close, I’ve decided I’m going to venture into the new month doing more things “just because” my heart, spirit and/or the powers that be tell me too.

With this post I’ve made up for missing one entry this month so I’ve now accomplished my task of writing in my blog every day in July. At least that’s how my math works πŸ˜‰

Happy Humming Wings

flying hummer1

One of my best hummingbird pictures so far.

I’m always ecstatic the first time I see a ruby throated hummingbird zip by me in the spring. If the adorable little turbo wing flappers believe it’s warm enough to return north, then surely spring has arrived!

I hung the hummingbird feeder in my bird oasis, filled it with store-bought nectar and would periodically see the adorable quicksilver flyers stop by for a drink. I eventually decided that one feeder just wasn’t enough and hung two in the bird oasis. When I hung the second one with perches, I attracted a Baltimore oriole much to my surprise!

A Baltimore oriole drinking from my hummingbird feeder

A Baltimore oriole drinking from my hummingbird feeder

As I don’t spend my days at the kitchen window, I then decided to hang a couple hummingbird feeders on the frame of my deck swing. The swing sits right outside the window beside my desk and the idea of seeing the adorable flying darlings that close was exciting for me. I also started making my own nectar with two cups of water and 1/4 cup sugar that I heated up in the microwave until the sugar dissolved. Within a few hours of hanging the feeders on the swing, I had a hummingbird drinking from them!

Wanting to see the happy hummers better, I bought a new feeder that’s flying saucer shaped because then I can see better without the nectar tank blocking my view. The hummingbirds weren’t sure of it at first but now they love it!

hummer flying2


hummer flying1


flying hummer4

flying hummer3

I have two hummingbirds that I know of. One is brave enough to sit on the perches and drink but doesn’t visit often and the other visits every 5-10 minutes but has yet to rest on a perch. I have the window by my desk open and both little guys (I know they’re males because of their ruby throats) make little squeaking noises so I know when they’ve arrived. The one that never lands has grown so accustomed to my presence that he even comes to drink when I’m standing out on my deck or sitting in the swing. He’s not real sure of me so he’ll drink, fly up to look at me and back again until he’s temporarily satisfied and flies off.

flying hummer5

flying hummer2

I refresh the nectar every couple of days and try to do it early enough in the morning to beat his arrival. I didn’t quite make it this morning and he came looking for the feeder just as I was filling it inside. He flew around where it had been hanging, obviously very confused and then flew off. I quickly went out and hung the freshly filled feeder and within a few minutes he was back and happily drinking.

It’s impossible not to smile when I see a hummingbird. No matter what kind of day I’ve been having, the moment I see and hear the little buzzing birds, I smile so wide it probably lights up the room. I even smile when I see them sitting on the wires in front of my house as one is right this very minute…oops! The other one just came and a chase ensued. Well I’m sure they’ll sort it out and come to eat and be the happy little hummers that brighten my days!


Fences, flowers, furry pups and feathered friends

Fruit tree blossoms down the road from my house

Fruit tree blossoms down the road from my house

It was another beautiful day today that felt more like summer than spring. I happily enjoyed it because 80 Β and humid is infinitely better than -25 and three feet of snow!

Morning thunderstorms cleared out rather quickly and have only recently started up again now that it’s dark. I don’t mind thunderstorms at night except when I have the girls. I don’t blame them for being scared when lightning flashes and thunder shakes the house. I think they’ve finally settled though so I’ll continue my rambling.

I took Jazzmin for a short walk in the early afternoon and the heat off the pavement was intense enough to make her pant by the first turn. Even on that short walk though we saw an abundance of spring beauty and I took some pictures with my phone camera. Only after returning home and looking at them did I realize that most of them included a fence of some kind. To be expected since I live in the country near several farms but certainly not intentional. Regardless, they turned out surprisingly lovely for my little camera phone.




Upon returning home, Jazz was hot, tired and happy. She laid on the floor panting while looking eager to go back out walking once she caught her breath. Once again proof that the pup wants to walk 24/7 in any kind of weather!

Jazzmin panting a smile after our walk.

Jazzmin panting a smile after our walk.

This evening I was blessed with the return of my resident hummingbird. I was watching the birds in my wild bird oasis and in the hummingbird zipped looking for his feeder! I hadn’t put it out yet so I quickly remedied that by hanging it where the unoccupied barrel bird house had been hanging. He returned later as I watched the storms roll in and he seems to know where his feeder is now. Always nice when he returns because it means the buzzing little birdies think it’s a safe bet that warmth will stick around. I certainly hope they’re right!