Wings of Arrows

See if you can spot the hawk...

See if you can spot the hawk…

The weather yesterday made it feel like April instead of February and I took advantage of the mild temperatures by taking a nice long walk with Jazzmin. We went up the big hill, which we haven’t in many months and as we neared the hill, I saw a hawk sitting in the bare branches of a tree alongside the road. I’ve become really good at spotting hawks from a distance now and I slowed my pace knowing he would fly off as soon as we got close. As soon as we were within 20 feet, he took off just as I’d expected. I can’t take decent distance pictures with my camera phone, but I snapped a couple photos as he flew out of the tree and across the field next to the road.

A bit further down the road I saw another hawk soaring in the sky and I stopped to watch his graceful movements as he rode the wind. I see hawks quite often and I know they’re one of my spirit guides/spirit guardians/animal totems. Seeing one is always a good omen and I take them as a sign that I’m headed in the right direction with my life, my feelings and my thoughts. Hawks are like arrows pointing me on my way with their graceful, beautiful wings and I feel so blessed that they watch over me.

Although today wasn’t as warm as yesterday, I took Jazz out on a walk because it’s my duty as her pack leader and it’s good for both of us. I’d just reached the end of my driveway when I heard a hawk cry in the sky. I stopped and turned back toward my house, peering into the sky for the source of the cry. After a few moments of searching, I saw the hawk soaring high up amid the clouds and blue sky and I smiled.

Happy that I’d seen a hawk so early on our walk, I headed down the road and glanced toward where the hawk had been. Much to my surprise, I realized there were two more hawks flying with the first hawk. By the time I reached the end of my road, there were four hawks circling in the sky and they had broken up into two couples. I stopped again and just watched them in awe because it had been quite a while since I saw four hawks flying together.

When we returned to my house, I felt even more blessed as I saw that the four hawks continued to circle near my home. The couples had broken apart, one set soaring over the road down the hill and the other soaring over the field behind my house. I was honored that they remained nearby and I’m certain they’re an indication of positive things yet to come in my life. With my future traveling on wings of arrows, I know that everything will be just fine.

Chasing butterflies


monarch flying2

After so many monarch sightings yesterday afternoon and evening I decided I’d go out purposely seeking them in the hopes of taking better photographs with my Canon camera. It was an absolutely beautiful day today and I was lucky enough to get some extra time with Jaycie while her father and sister went shopping for her birthday presents. When I’d finished my work inside, we went outside so she could swing and I could do some butterfly chasing.

Yesterday I saw the monarch flying around the farmer’s field behind my house so I started walking that direction, camera in hand. A monarch fluttered by and flew into the hedgerow so I changed course and looked for it among the bushes there. I couldn’t see it but as I was looking I heard the cry of a hawk from the southern sky. Instantly curious, I stepped away from the hedgerow until I had a full view of the sky and to my delight, there was a pair of hawks flying across the field from east to west. They were so far away my zoom didn’t do them justice but I did get them both in the same photo.

Pair of hawks circling over the farmer's field.

Pair of hawks circling over the farmer’s field.

Once the hawks had disappeared over the treetops to the west, I returned my attention to the field and was immediately greeted by the sight of a monarch butterfly flying about. I snapped a couple pictures hoping I got him in the frame since it was impossible to see the viewfinder in the bright sunlight. Happily, I got a couple shots of him/her in flight.

monarch flying1

The orange blur is the monarch.

monarch flying3


As I watched the single monarch, another monarch appeared and the two were quickly involved in an aerial battle/mating flight which I tried to capture in pictures.

monarchs flying2

I’ve never seen two monarchs do this!

monarchs flying1

They flew quite high in the sky during their contact.

As I’m not a monarch butterfly, I can’t tell male and female so I didn’t know if it was a battle between two males or a mating flight between a male and female.  After the aerial display they both took a rest in the field about five feet away from each other.


Monarch 1


Monarch 2

I walked back to where Jaycie was swinging and sat in my comfortable, cushioned bench for a while admiring the blue sky and puffy clouds floating slowly across the horizon. I asked Jaycie if she wanted to go see the monarchs since she’d done a report on them for school and she said she did. Back we walked and we saw one of the monarchs flying around when we were about three feet from the edge of the field.

I told Jaycie there was a second monarch somewhere out there and started to walk into the field to see if I could flush it out for her to see. I did find both monarchs but once I saw what they were doing I decided that coaxing them into flight wouldn’t be very nice. The moment I saw them I knew they were a male and a female as they sat on a thick green leaf, back to back, engaged in mating.

mating monarchs3

At first I thought it was just one of the monarchs.

mating monarchs2

Then I saw two pairs of wings!

mating monarchs1

I turned back toward Jaycie to ask if she saw them but she was already halfway back to the swings. I don’t think she actually saw them, I think she got bored watching mommy take pictures and went back to doing fun things. I can honestly say I’d never seen butterflies mating until today but I found it quite beautiful as they slowly opened and closed their wings, sitting peacefully on the leaf.

Feeling I’d intruded enough, I left them to their affair and rejoined Jaycie at the swings. I had no idea chasing butterflies was going to be such a learning experience! Amazing what you can discover when you stop the hectic pace of life and admire the wonder of the world around us.