Winds of change


Blue sky this afternoon

This morning when I took Jazzmin out it was 51 and sunny. I enjoyed the “mild” temperatures as much as I could because I knew the forecast called for drastic cold the rest of the week.

We’ve lucked out up here so far this winter with only one storm that dropped a large quantity of snow. The snow has been melting in mild temperatures pretty regularly, but I fear that’s at an end. Oh well, only another 5-6 months until warm temperatures arrive…

As I figured Mama Nature was giving me one last chance to “batten down the hatches,” I decided it was time to finally put plastic over some windows. My house was built in the 70’s and a lot of the windows are old, wooden, and leak rather badly. To try and keep the cold winds from blowing through my house, I put plastic up over the bedroom windows so we don’t freeze at night when we’re sleeping. It does help quite a bit in the frozen tundra where I live.

I completed that task rather quickly this morning because I’ve done it the past three winters and have it down to a science. On the upside, I never have to worry about stale air in my home as fresh air is always circulating through various gaps around windows and doors.

The temperature as I write this is 30 degrees but feels like 21 thanks to wind gusts at 40 mph. The high tomorrow is 17 with a low of 7. They might as well just say that it will be so cold it hurts to breathe, but I suppose that wouldn’t be proper meteorological terms.

Eventually the winds of change will bring warmth back, so for now I’ll just hunker down and ride out the rest of winter. Good thing I have lots of blankets and kittens that love to snuggle! πŸ™‚


snow dog

Jazzmin is determined to sniff down to whatever animal tracks are hidden.

While the snow that fell yesterday is lovely, the frigid temperatures are getting old rather fast. I did manage to take Jazzmin for a short walk despite the wind chill in the single digits but I’ve been struggling to warm up ever since. These are the days I long for a nice, big garden tub that I can fill with hot water that doesn’t stink of sulfur. Someday!

Jazzmin isn’t as bothered by the cold as I am. In fact, she loves to plunge her head all the way into the snow past her ears to sniff the tracks in the dirt far below. She always comes back up and snorts the snow off, shaking her head as if she doesn’t understand why her head is all cold and frozen. I envy her ability to withstand the cold because I know I’ll never be a snowbunny…or a snowpup in this case. πŸ˜‰