Falling Back, Not Behind

I had to install the WordPress app on my Android so I could keep my November blog streak going. As I’m writing this on my tiny phone keyboard, it won’t be especially long.

I’m not fond of the whole falling back time change. When my girls were babies they’d be grumpy for a week following each time change. They didn’t sleep well and therefore neither did I. Nowadays they deal with the time change better than I do. It gets dark early, turns colder and I just want to hibernate.

I don’t have time to hibernate though. I can’t control the whole falling back thing but I can keep myself from falling behind. It might take drinking more coffee and tea than I usually do but I’ll persevere! I have work to do and future trips to New England to plan, I can’t afford to slow down now.

The good thing about the time change is that it gets lighter earlier in the morning…for a little while at least before the days grow even shorter. I’m more of a morning person than a night owl so the earlier sunrise certainly helps. It’s also comforting to know that this winter I don’t have to brave the snowy winter roads driving into a job that doesn’t fulfill me. My office is safe and cozy inside my home which means I will be too. I can write about warm, exotic destinations while the snow flies outside my window. Times like those are when my endless imagination comes in very handy!

I will eventually adjust to falling back and stop dozing off on the couch at 7 pm. Until then, caffeine and lots of lamps are my friends!


Working with My Hands

For the past several days I’ve been working on updating my Corbin Creations website and renaming my e-book series. I think I’ve finally changed the name of my series everywhere on Amazon and in the e-book but it’s possible that I missed something. The name of my e-book series has now officially been changed to New England Adventures with the first story focusing on my original trip to Boston, MA. I’ve taken several trips to New England since then and it’s now a matter of writing them out in my usual way of telling a story while imparting a bit of life-lesson wisdom.

I’m not quite done revamping my Corbin Creations website but it’s more streamlined and user-friendly than before. It’s an ongoing project as I figure out how to best utilize it to promote myself as a writer and share my love for New England. I know I’ll get it all sorted out eventually. I’d forgotten how much fun it is working on my website until I started this latest project. Rearranging certain details, incorporating photos and selecting a new layout are all fun ways of working with my hands; both physically on the keyboard and mentally by digging into the thought process. As a freelancer I’ve been to many websites that were awful to navigate and I’m trying to insure that mine doesn’t fall into that category.

I’m going to be offering my e-book “New England Adventures: Boston, MA” for free soon but you can check out the updated details now. Amazon Prime members can borrow it for free. If you read it, please review it! Good or bad, I welcome the feedback.

A Day at the Office?

On days I’m feeling “lazy” I sleep in until 6 a.m. Those days actually only happen Thursday and Friday because I have to get up at 5 a.m. Monday through Wednesday so I can get my day all arranged before waking Jordan at 6. From the moment I wake up until around noon, my days are a blur.

As a freelance ghost writer I research and write about a variety of topics pertaining to websites all over the country. I pretend I’m living in sunny California or tropical Florida or when I’m really lucky, my beloved Massachusetts. It’s easier to write about a place when I’ve been there but as I haven’t traveled all that far and wide, I reference photos and whatever other information I can find.

I don’t have set hours, I work when there are writing jobs which is usually an all-day thing. By the time I go to bed I’ve mentally visited at least 20 different places across the U.S. from apartment complexes to luxury homes to the obscure antique place off Route whatever.  I’ve pretended to be all sorts of people from architects to interior designers to landscapers. I have been blessed with an amazing and creative imagination and I put it to the test every day and succeed with flying colors.

It was a dreary day out today. Rained, drizzled and was cold. I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t walk Jazz today. I didn’t have the time or the desire to bundle up in rain gear and slosh down the road. Jazz tried many times to give me the doggy guilt trip but I’ll make it up to her with lots of long walks next week.

I worked in my favorite “office” location today which is my oldest daughter’s bedroom. My desk is in the living room which is adjacent to the kitchen and listening to the refrigerator hum gets annoying after a while. So instead I take my laptop into Jordan’s room, settle on the bed and get to work. My 18-year-old cat Aviendha lives in that room because she’s afraid of the dog and when I work on the bed she’s snuggled up next to me. I invited Jazz in today and let her lay by the bed and Avi seemed okay with that. Jazz still seems to think Avi is some sort of weird-looking squirrel but I’m sure she’ll get over that eventually.

Really, Mama? You're still working?!

Really, Mama? You’re still working?!

Typing away on my laptop with Avi on one side and Jazz on the other makes for a great work atmosphere. I have a nice view of the front yard out Jordan’s window and I brighten the room with the warm light from the cute flowerpot lamp I bought her a couple year’s ago. I take breaks for lunch and an afternoon snack and to clear my head and Jazz always gets up and follows me around. My workdays are quiet aside from keyboard noises and I’m okay with that. There are no phones ringing off the hook, annoyed customers coming in or document scanners jamming and malfunctioning.

Avi curled up next to me

Avi curled up next to me

I have to work a lot harder than I ever did in my recent office job but as it’s doing something I love, I can’t complain. I know I’m lucky that the skills I do possess are enough to help me succeed in this life and that I can chase and achieve my dreams with determination, stubbornness and the companionship of a lovable yellow mutt.

No Rest for the Not Really Wicked

Jazzmin really isn't as neglected as she looks.

Jazzmin really isn’t as neglected as she looks.

Labor Day was created to be the “workingmen’s holiday” according to the U.S. Department of Labor website. As I’m a member of the workingwomen’s group, I suppose it doesn’t apply to me anyway. Being a mother and self-employed, I never really have a day off so all holidays mean is that my girls will be home from school. School doesn’t start for them until Wednesday. Today is just another day of work for me.

Considering that the work I do is something I enjoy, I’m okay with not taking the day off. I didn’t get paid holidays, vacation or sick days at my office job so having the day off meant I’d have to make up for that lost day of pay with writing. Working on holidays is nothing new to me. Any mother knows that there’s no such thing as a day off from being a mother. It’s a 24/7 year-round job. Even when my daughters are with their father I’m still their mother and what happens in their lives matters to me.

I had several dreams the other night. They were disjointed and odd but they all carried the same underlying message. I can’t continue to do the same thing and expect different results. I have to switch things up and keep exploring new options in my writing career. Between all the sites I’ve written for, I’ve created almost 600 articles with only 6 rejections. I’m biased but I think those are impressive statistics.  I often receive compliments on my work and earn repeat clients which boosts my confidence considerably! I’m always looking for more sites to write for but some of them require jumping through more hoops than I have time for. I just need a shot to prove myself and that usually speaks for itself well enough to get my foot in the door.

Then there’s the issue of me not having much time to write in my books or on my blog. I lose my sense of uniqueness when I can’t write in my own voice and take credit for it. To remedy that I’ve promised myself I’m going to write a new blog entry every day in September. So far so good! My next goal is to set aside time every night to write in Unbroken Flames. The ideas for that book are always flowing through my mind but actually writing them out just hasn’t happened. I’ll remedy that soon!

I have faith that I am always on the verge of my next big break and that after I get that, more will follow. Having a positive attitude has carried me far in my life and I’m not about to mess with a good thing.