New England Bound

The classic car show that was going on during my visit to Amesbury in June.

The classic car show that was going on during my visit to Amesbury in June.

Next Wednesday I’m off again to New England. Since June I’ve managed to make it back every other month and that’s a trend I’d like to keep going. For my June trip I stayed in the only hotel in Amesbury and while I loved the proximity to my favorite Massachusetts town, the rates were excessively high. As the hotel is the only game in town, they can charge whatever they want.

For my family trip in August we stayed up in Seabrook, New Hampshire at a much more affordable hotel. It’s a nice little place and every room has a fridge and microwave; features that my room at the hotel in Amesbury lacked unless I wanted to pay even more a night. I’d really love to stay in a little place with a kitchenette but I’ll make the most of the fridge and microwave in Seabrook.

I’d like to be able to go out for every meal and sample all the delicious food in North Shore Massachusetts and coastal New Hampshire but that’s a dream that requires a bigger budget. Not to mention I’d have to walk to each restaurant to effectively work all that food off! I do plan on visiting my favorite pizza place, Amesbury Flatbread Company at least once. I swear I can smell that place the moment I park my car in Amesbury and after I had their pizza once, I was hooked! I took my mom and the girls there during our August visit and the girls happily declared that it was the best pizza they’ve ever eaten. That’s a pretty big thing considering what little pizza monsters they are.

I’d like to visit Salem, MA this time around but that depends on the weather. If it’s raining on the day I’m planning on going then I won’t go. Walking around in the mud doesn’t exactly appeal as my first visit to Salem. Rain or shine I’ll be happy to be in MA and NH because I’m always happier in New England. I’ll be stopping in at Workspace 36Β in Amesbury for another visit and I might even do some work there this time. Overall I plan on making this trip a sort of working vacation as I try to establish my freelance writing career out there where I know my future lies. Chasing my dreams means driving east and every journey is a new adventure!