A foggy lens


Yesterday I accidentally dropped my smartphone into the tub. Don’t ask how or why, I just did. I grabbed it out of the water almost immediately and was relieved to see that it still appeared to be working. Over the next few hours I realized that some moisture had found its way inside as the Sim card temporarily stopped working and needed some drying out. The phone also briefly thought I had headphones plugged in when I didn’t but otherwise it seemed fine.

Yesterday evening I was out walking with Jazz and my daughters and we came upon a raccoon in a tree. Something had woken it up and it was outside its tree hole home looking rather tired and confused. As I almost always do when I see something unusual or interesting, I pulled out my smartphone to take a picture. When the camera feature came up the picture was all foggy and when I looked closer at the camera lens I could see wetness inside it. My heart sunk.

I love taking pictures and even though no one sees a majority of them because they’re not overly interesting, the idea of not being able to take them with my conveniently handy phone was discouraging. I was unable to take a picture of the raccoon even as it looked out at us from its tree hole home on our way back and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to take pictures with my phone ever again.

Following some helpful advice, I turned my phone off and placed it in a bag of rice last night. I left it in that bag overnight and when I awoke this morning, I took it out of the bag and eagerly turned it back on. Once it fully booted up, I accessed the camera app and was thrilled to see that the lens was clear and free of the foggy moisture. The bag of rice had done the trick!

I was anxious to take a picture now that I could so I snapped a few shots when I put Jazzmin out this morning. I was able to capture the half moon in a turbulent sky and that made me very happy because I love the moon.

It’s fair to say that I’ve learned my lesson and will be keeping my phone away from tubs from now on. The upside of the experience was that I realized I’m more passionate about photography than I thought and that I need to keep taking pictures even if I’m the only one who ever seen them.