My shadow has four paws

Jazz in my shadow by JulieAnn Corbin

Even on days when the sun hides behind the clouds, I have a shadow and she has four paws. My shadow is my pup Jazzmin and as I’ve said many times, I can’t imagine my life without her. Inside my house, she’s always nearby. Usually when I get up from my desk, she gets up too and follows me or is the speedbump behind my chair that I almost trip over. Unless she’s snoring happily away in her crate (which she is right now) she keeps her eye on me and is always ready to play and of course, walk.

Along with Jazzmin, I have three cats and while they love me unconditionally just like Jazz, they show it differently. Jazzmin always comes when called while the cats come most of the time unless they’re sleeping or just plain ignoring me. Jazz is always eager to please and expresses happiness when she sees me and her unique doggy “smile” always brightens my day.

As any dog owner knows, having a constant companion that never judges you is a wonderful thing! I can ramble to Jazz about anything and she doesn’t think I’m crazy, odd or weird. Well, she might, but she doesn’t speak human so I don’t really know. I think mostly she’s just happy I’m talking to her and that’s not something that can be said of all the humans I’ve encountered.

Jazzmin doesn’t care that I don’t quite “fit in” with other humans or that my personality doesn’t always sit well with people, all she cares is that her mama loves her, feeds her, plays with her and takes her for walks every day. I can be 100% myself with Jazzmin and my other pets and they still love me. There’s truly something to be said for the unconditional love of animals.

Loving Jazzerboo

Two years ago today I adopted my dog Jazzmin from one of the local animal shelters. I fell in love with her the moment the shelter volunteer brought her exuberant, wagging butt out from the room where the kennels were. It was obvious in her whole demeanor how much she loved life and people and her energy was contagious!

My life hasn’t been the same since I adopted my Jazzerboo, it’s been infinitely better than it was before! She is the most loving, loyal and snuggly dog I’ve ever owned and her personality is as quirky as mine. The way she looks at me with one ear cocked higher than the other, the way she lies on the floor with her feet in the air, the way her entire rear end wags back and forth right along with her tail always make me smile no matter what kind of day I’ve had.

Having Jazzmin as part of my family comes with all sorts of perks. Her puppy dog eyes of death are great motivators to go outside and walk, she taught my girls that dogs aren’t something to be afraid of, she’s shown my cats that dogs are just as fun to snuggle with as humans and she’s kept me from ever feeling alone. She’s my shadow when I’m walking through the house and my copilot on driving adventures.

I’d say I don’t know how I survived without her but I do know how I survived and it wasn’t nearly as happy an existence. I know dogs aren’t for everyone but they are for me and I plan on adopting more mutts in the future when my circumstances allow. Every dog deserves a chance at a great life full of love and I gave Jazz that when I rescued her from the shelter. Even better, she rescued me right back!

Snuggle Season

The weather in October was remarkably pleasant most days and I went outside to enjoy it as much as possible. I do hope the nice weather lasts into November and that winter never actually comes but I do eventually have to grasp reality.

My house is small but drafty in certain rooms. I cover the bedroom windows with plastic so we’re less frigid at night but I don’t fight with plastic on the other windows. My living room has a nice big picture window that gives me a great view of my front yard and the neighborhood “scenery.” That big picture window also lets considerable cold in so when I sit on my couch it’s a necessity that I find some way to stay warm.

My favorite way to stay warm is crowding on the couch with my daughters but when they’re not here, Jazzmin and Owl happily step up. All I have to do is cover myself with a fleece blanket and the magnetic pull of that fuzziness brings Jazzmin and Owl immediately to the couch. Jazz isn’t usually allowed on the couch so she loves it when I call her up to snuggle with me. As a cat, Owl does whatever she pleases so she’s on the couch most of the time. Jazz snuggles up next to my legs and Owl follows suit by snuggling up against Jazz’s butt.

Jazz trying to ignore Owl.

Jazz trying to ignore Owl.

Jazz pretends to be slightly displeased by the cat’s proximity but the two eventually nestle right into each other and are snoring away. Usually they make themselves so comfortable I’m practically snuggled off the couch. When I get up from the couch, even if it’s just for a moment, I come back to find my spot overflowing with dog and cat. I gently nudge them back over and while they huff a bit, they quickly resettle and we’re all snuggly again in no time.

My snuggle bunnies snuggling me off the couch.

My snuggle bunnies snuggling me off the couch.

I’m never cold when I’m covered with my snuggle bunnies Jazzmin and Owl. In fact sometimes I get too hot to stay under the blanket. That makes them rather happy because that means there’s more blanket for them. When it’s bedtime, Jazz is reluctant to leave the couch nest but her desire to be close to her mama in the bedroom always gets her moving.  I’m sure Owl enjoys having the couch all to herself and makes her own furry warmth through the night. Snuggle season has begun and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful, loving creatures in my life.