Kiddie Pools and Magic Brews

Jaycie scooping up water for her magic brew.

Jaycie scooping up water for her magic brew.

I am a worrier. I’ve become less of a worrier than I used to be but I still worry. As a single mother, homeowner and “Julie of Many Trades” I always have a lot on my plate. I imagine there are women in similar situations that handle it all effortlessly and without stress, but I’m not one of those women. I do my best with the time I have but don’t expect to find my house pristine, my hair perfectly styled and my clothes stylishly coordinated if you drop by unexpectedly…or expectedly for that matter.

Stress and worry rarely get me anywhere productive though so it finally gets to a point where I have to take a breath, let things go and force myself to relax. I did just that yesterday. This was my weekend with my daughters and my “plan” was to hang with them and be a mom. It was supposed to be quite hot and humid so I thought we’d stay inside the AC. I went out at one point with Jazz and realized it wasn’t too awful hot yet so I decided it was time to get the kiddie pool out for some fun in the water.

The kiddie pool is a bit too small for my girls to fit in comfortably anymore but they still enjoy playing in it by sitting or kneeling around the outside of it. They then fill their sand buckets with water and begin concocting “magic brews” as they call them. In the bucket of water go magical ingredients like clover, dandelions, birdseed, wildflowers, grass and a rock or two. My daughters then stir up these magic brews with their sand shovels until they have them just right.

Sometimes they take the brews over and water plants with them and other times they dump the water back in the kiddie pool. Considering the kiddie pool is in the shade of a tree that drops all sorts of leaves and seeds I have to dump it out anyway so a bit more stuff floating in the water isn’t a big deal. Yesterday Jazzmin was thirsty and drank out of the kiddie pool as Jordan and I cooled our feet in it. Jaycie had already dumped a brew back in the pool but luckily Jazz wasn’t transformed into a frog after quenching her thirst in the magical water.

Jazzmin drinking from the magical pool.

Jazzmin drinking from the magical pool as I soak my feet.

Sitting on the two-seater bench I’ve refurbished, with my feet soaking as I listened to my daughters compare notes on what to put in their magical brews was truly relaxing and wonderful for me and my worries evaporated in the warm afternoon. My daughters are already far too old for my liking and despite my demands that they stop growing, they continue to do so. I cherish every moment with them and I always will. The magic those two little girls create with clover flowers floating in buckets of water casts a strong and unbreakable spell upon my heart and forever lifts my spirits.