“Beauty Tips” from a Semi-girly Tomboy – Hair, Nails, Vitamins, Exercise & Diet

Curls and Star Wars shirt by JulieAnn Corbin

Curled hair and a Star Wars shirt because I’m awesome like that 😉

As a continuation of my previous post, here’s what I do to care for my hair and nails long with the Vitamins I take daily and what I do to eat healthy. This is all what I’ve found works for me and everyone is unique so always do what is best for you.  I do actually use every product I mention and the ones I provide links to in this post are ones I want to help promote because they’re sold by Native American owned and operated businesses. The only “compensation” I receive by linking to them is the hope that others purchase and enjoy these great products.

Hair care

I’ve been growing my hair out for a few years and it’s now down to the middle of my back. This is the longest it’s been while still being natural, i.e. no hair color or perm. To help my hair grow and remain healthy, I take 10000 mcg of Biotin every morning along with my other vitamins (which I’ll cover later). For deep conditioning, a couple times a week I apply coconut oil to the lower half of my hair, put it in a low bun and wrap saran wrap around the bun, letting it sit like that for a few hours before washing it thoroughly. I’ve tried other mixtures of egg yolk and honey and such to help nourish my hair, but they’re rather messy and I’ve found coconut oil works fine for me.

Although I did try the no shampoo route a few years ago, I discovered it just didn’t work for my hair and so I went back to washing my hair every other day. My favorite shampoo is Sister Sky’s Sweetgrass and Yucca Root Shampoo because it’s free of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. I follow with their Sweetgrass and Horsetail Herb Conditioner through the bottom half of my hair. I find that the shampoo and conditioner makes my hair very happy and create wonderful smell that lingers.

After I rinse my hair, I then wrap it in a 100% cotton t-shirt that says “Mom” on it in big, pink sparkly letters. A plain 100% cotton t-shirt would work fine too, I just grabbed that one to add a little “mom glam” to my routine. I wrap my hair in a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel because I read that it’s better for my hair than scrubbing a terry cloth towel through it. I’ve found that my hair is much happier when I use the shirt.

When I take my hair down out of the shirt, I then comb it out with a large tooth comb and if it’s warm weather, let it air dry. I have to blow dry it in the winter to avoid getting a chill, but in the nicer weather, I air dry as much as possible to avoid heat damage. Most days during the summer I wear it in a braid or a bun but sometimes when it’s cooler out, I curl it with my Automatic Hair Curler, making sure a apply a heat protective spray to my hair first.


I have never received a professional manicure or pedicure in my life because I can’t justify spending money on such things, but I imagine they’re nice things for those who like them. I have very healthy nails, always have, and they grow quite fast. I tend to keep my nails rather short and trim them with nail clippers because they interfere with my typing, beading, housework and yardwork otherwise. If I do grow them long, I like to use one of the colorful nail polishes made by Native War Paints.


Every day I take a certain set of vitamins as I’ve found them beneficial in supporting my health and immune system. I take a daily women’s formula multivitamin, the 10,000 mcg of Biotin I mentioned earlier, 1000 mg of Vitamin C and 400 IU of D3. I believe the Vitamin C helped me avoid any cold or flu this past winter and the D3 helped stave off the winter blues that used to plague me. I’ve also been using a tablespoon of local honey in my morning cup of tea (one bag of Celestial Seasoning’s Morning Thunder and one bag of Bengal Spice) and I haven’t had an issue with allergies in over two years. If you struggle with allergies, I strongly suggest adding local honey to your daily diet as a natural alternative to allergy medications. It took about a year for the full effects in my case, but it was well worth it! Plus, I rather love honey so it was easy to do.

Exercise and Diet

To stay fit, I walk my dog Jazzmin whenever I can and lift weights. I curl 20-pound weights to work my biceps, use 12-pound weights for tricep extensions and 5-8 pound weights to work my shoulders. As an additional aerobic workout, I practice pow-wow dancing or do a Zumba routine. I know that to increase my weight loss I need to exercise more frequently and eat less but that doesn’t always happen.

Having a healthy body is also about what you put in it and while I don’t eat a perfectly healthy diet, I do make an effort. During the week I have a smoothie for breakfast and it consists of a Greek Yogurt, apple slices, carrots, kale, blueberries, strawberries, raw bee pollen, raw chia seeds, turmeric, light vanilla Silk soy milk and vanilla protein powder. This smoothie usually lasts me until lunch. If I’m home for lunch, I make a salad or wrap with chicken and cheese and drink a shake made of soymilk, chocolate protein powder, 3-4 ice cubes, and a tablespoon of peanut butter. For an afternoon snack, I’ll either have 6-7 Triscuits with cheese or toast half a whole-wheat pita pocket and dip it in hummus. Dinner changes daily but I try to stay healthy. Desserts and going out to eat are usually my downfall.

So there you have it! A glimpse into the “beauty routines” of a semi-girly tomboy. Thank you for visiting my blog and feel free to ask questions or add comments. =)

“Beauty Tips” from a Semi-girly Tomboy – Skin Care

Woman in green dress by JulieAnn Corbin

I may be just a smidge sassy 😉

Growing up with two older brothers has perhaps made me a bit rough around the edges and something of a tomboy. Nevertheless, I also have a “girly” side and understand the importance of inner and outer beauty. I am not a “beauty expert” by any means but I have established a beauty routine that has benefited me and I share it in the hope that it may benefit others.

Why I started caring for my skin

When I was around 16 years old, I read an article in a magazine about the importance of washing, hydrating and protecting facial skin from the sun’s rays. That article featured a picture showing the skin of an older woman who had taken care of her skin and a similar age woman who hadn’t taken care of her skin. The creases, spots and wrinkles on the woman who hadn’t taken care of her skin were enough to convince me to start caring for my own skin. I started washing my face every day with Noxzema, always removing any makeup I wore and applying a facial moisturizer with at least SPF 15. I’ve been applying sunblock to my entire body in the sunny weather for at least that long because I was not fortunate enough to inherit my father’s dark skin and I tend to burn instead of tan. I’m also prone to a prickly rash if I go out in the sun without protection. Those are some very good reasons why I prefer being “pale and healthy.”

Daily facial routine

Every morning and night, I follow the same routine to care for my face.  To wash my face, I apply warm water and an apricot scrub and then use a small spinning facial brush to work the cleanser around my face. I then wash the cleanser off my face with splashes of warm water followed by cold water because I read somewhere that it helps close my pores (though I can’t remember why that’s important). I pat my face dry with a cotton towel and then my routine differs a bit from morning to night. In the morning, I place few drops of argon oil in my palm to work gently into the skin of my face and neck because I find that my face feels dryer in the morning. I follow that with Painted Earth Skincare Boo-Boo Gel and then Aveeno Positively Radiant Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15. At night, I skip the argon oil and Aveeno and just use the Boo-Boo Gel. That Boo-Boo Gel is amazing stuff! I sometimes apply it after a day out in the sun doing yard work or attending a pow-wow and it makes my skin feel instantly cool and refreshed. It’s also great for bug bites and minor skin irritations.


To moisturize the skin on the rest of my body after a shower, I apply pure coconut oil everywhere while my wet hair is wrapped in a 100% cotton t-shirt. Once the coconut oil has been absorbed by my skin, I take my hair down out of the towel because otherwise my hair gets “greasy” from the coconut oil. When I need to moisturize between showers, I either apply more coconut oil or the generic equivalent of Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion such as Equate Ultra Restoring Lotion.


First off, I want to salute the women of the world who love makeup and can apply it flawlessly because I do believe makeup application is an artform in and of itself. Women should do whatever they want to in order to look and feel beautiful for themselves and not worry about the judgement of others. That said, I’m not one of those women who loves makeup and can apply it flawlessly and I know that I never will be. I don’t believe that makes me better or worse than anyone else, it’s just who and how I am.

When I do wear makeup, it’s usually clear mascara and long-lasting lip color that doesn’t require re-application. Now and then I put on eyeshadow and blush, but I’ve never found a foundation that felt comfortable on my skin. I’ve used liquid, powder, mineral, magical, mystical…okay, I made those last two up, but I imagine even they wouldn’t feel right on my face. Plus, I like my freckles and “flaws.” I do occasionally use black mascara on my lashes but it rarely looks very good. As I don’t wear eye makeup often, when I do, I tend to forget I have it on, rub my eyes, cause myself stinging pain and look like someone beat me up. Suffice it to say, a full face of makeup and I will never get along.

Sith warrior by JulieAnn Corbin

Halloween 2015. The most makeup I’d worn in a while.

Stay tuned for my “tips” on hair care, nails, vitamins and eating healthy-ish. 😉

Life Lessons via Skin Care

Natural me, freckles and all!

Natural me, freckles and all! 9/17/13

I’m feeling a bit burnt out from freelance work today and I’m not up to writing Part 2 of my previous post tonight. Speaking of burnt though I mixed up a new batch of homemade facial scrub this morning. I do believe I put too much lemon juice in it this time because wow did that burn…er tingle excessively when I applied it! I don’t know if it cleansed my pores or burned them off but my face actually looked quite lovely after the shower. Oh how we women suffer for beauty!

My little skin care adventure this morning reminded me of a post I wrote in my Corbin Creations blog. Yes, I’m reposting again. Rolling your eyes is quite acceptable as long as you return them to their normal reading position promptly.

The piece I’m reposting is entitled “Don’t Cry with Makeup On” and it’s quite useful advice. I actually used to wear makeup more often than I do now. As I don’t go into an office every day it seems silly to put on lipstick and mascara for Jazzmin to admire. I also used to apply chemical products to my face to try to combat the passage of time but now I prefer a more natural approach. My face might not resemble flawless marble like it does on those women in commercials but I’ve taken care of my skin and protected it from the sun. I choose natural beauty even though it means being pale and showing my freckles. Not to mention that when I cry, it doesn’t physically sting as much…


Don’t Cry with Makeup On – 9/5/2012

I was texting my best friend yesterday evening and I jokingly told her that I should write a self-help book entitled “Don’t Cry with Makeup On.” It really is good advice actually. The reason I recommended removing your makeup before crying is not because I’m concerned your mascara will run or your blush will streak, but because it hurts! It hurts crying with makeup on because the stuff gets in your damp eyes and burns! I’ve made the mistake of crying after I applied anti-wrinkle cream more than once and that pain is even worse! Alpha hydroxy and tear ducts do not get along.

I do understand that fits of crying do not always wait until one is safely home and free of the day’s makeup but if you can make it home after a rough day and know the tears are coming, whip out the makeup remover towelettes and take that important first step. Wait to apply anti-aging cream until after…if you can even still see where your eyes were. I am not implying that only women cry, I know men cry even if they won’t admit it. Do I think everyone cries as much as I do? Certainly not. Do I think there’s something wrong with me because I cry as much as I do? Heck no! I held a majority of my emotions inside for most of my life, especially the negative ones. I had no problem expressing joy, amusement, excitement but sadness, forget it. I knew once I let that dam break it would never be whole again and I feared the weak, worthless creature I’d become.

Here’s the kicker though, it isn’t weak to cry; it’s called being human. If we weren’t meant to feel then we wouldn’t have been blessed with emotions. Yes, I said blessed. Me, the woman who now cries at the drop of a hat so well she could star in an overly dramatic soap opera, believes that emotions are a blessing. Do not misconstrue what I’m saying and think that I’m sad all the time because I’m not. I have accepted though that there are certain things that I can’t think about without crying. My father’s death, my mother still without a man who loves her, my oldest daughter’s sensitivity, my youngest daughter’s developmental delays, my friends’ pain, my myriad of creatively broken hearts, my constantly misbehaving car…these things make me cry. I don’t cry because I’ve given up hope, I will never do that, I cry because I feel.

Feeling is good and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! There may be times in your life when you have to store away emotions until they can be tackled at a time you have more strength and that’s fine. Just remember to tackle them first or they will overcome you. None of us can really master our emotions completely, it’s like trying to tame a wild animal. That wild animal might be sweet and cute as a domestic pet until one day their instinct takes over and they remember the wildness in their blood that enabled them to survive and evolve. Never forget that we humans are animals too and we are constantly evolving and if we do it right, we evolve into better versions of ourselves.

A good cry really can do wonders and if you have a shoulder to cry on, that’s even better. I have friends who are there in spirit offering their shoulder and that is a great thing. I also have my lovable pup Jazzmin who is always at my side when I cry and she never minds if I get her fur all wet as I hug her. She will also lift her paw for a friendly shake as if to say “I understand, Mama, now give me some paw” and that always makes me smile and laugh. Having a friend, lover or pet who can make you laugh amid your tears is a huge bonus. Laughter is an expression of joy and it is just as vital as expressing sadness. Do not wallow in your sadness, that is not its purpose of being. Sadness is a cleansing emotion and expressing and releasing it facilitates the arrival of more light and energy into your spirit and your life. The sun always breaks through the storm eventually and when your tears dry (and the puffiness of your eyes diminishes) you will finally be able to clearly see the beauty of the sky above and accept all the gifts bestowed upon you.