Attention to details at Attentif’ Design!

Attentif' Design front window

Image courtesy of Attentif’ Design Facebook page.

If you can walk by the window of Attentif’ Design and not notice it, you’re missing a unique shopping experience. The thoughtfully designed front window displays of this shop at 44 Main Street in Amesbury, Massachusetts are designed to grab attention and invite shoppers inside. The latest photo on Facebook of their front window display is proof of how eye-catching their designs are and why you need to step inside, have a look around and acquire whatever strikes your fancy.

There are always so many beautiful things to see in Attentif’ Design that it’s hard to decide where to look first. The store displays are creatively arranged to guide you through the store as your eyes drift across the lovely wares. Owner and interior designer, Kathi Gannett displays items in such a way that it helps you envision them set out neatly in your home. Displays are done by theme, object, color and even purpose and grouped so well that it feels as though you’re touring someone’s well-designed home instead of a shop.

I adored this romance-themed display during my last visit.

Romance-themed display.

Everyone’s interior decorating tastes are different and Attentif’ Design acknowledges that by having a bit of everything for everyone. Throw pillows are an easy, affordable and quick way to change the look of a couch, chair or window seat and there’s a nice variety inside the store. A pillow featuring a key design adds an antique touch and a brightly colored flower patterned pillow freshens up the living room couch with spring blooms.

Coveted key pillow.

Attentif’ Design features items made by local residents, including cutting boards quite capable of standing up to the abuse kitchen tools endure. The cutting boards are durable, sturdy, well-made and crafted with attention to detail and quality of work.

Blockhead Cutting Boards

Blockhead Cutting Boards

There are items in Attentif’ Design for homes of any square footage, from small detailed touches like jars, candles and figurines to larger pieces such as lamps, end tables and ottomans. When space is at a premium in a home, black and gold folding tray tables are a creative solution. The high rim of the tabletop prevents items from falling off. The table can remain set up as decoration or unfolded for extra surface area when needed. Truly a stunning addition to any interior design!

The folding black and gold tray tables.

Folding black and gold tray tables.

Attentif’ Design does custom orders of items and owner Kathi Gannett is happy to work with customer’s ideas and requests. She offers interior design services and judging by her store, there’s no denying the quality of her work. Attentif’ Design is open later hours on the third Thursday of every month, which allows people more time to shop and view the seemingly endless decorative, beautiful and functional items for sale inside this unique store.

Opening Doors in Amesbury, MA

Looking toward the entrance to Workspace 36

Looking toward the entrance to Workspace 36

During my visits to Amesbury, MA last week I did some things that are way outside my comfort zone including walking door to door, attending a Chamber of Commerce event for the grand opening of Wolf Meadow Farm and doing a photo shoot with Ed Justen from Workspace 36. In NY, I’m a homebody who spends most of her time writing, hanging with her daughters and chilling with her mutt. The moment I cross over into Massachusetts though, I discover a new side to myself and my strong desire to set some roots down in New England is reawakened.

The first time I walked the streets of Amesbury in June of 2013, I fell in love with the town and felt welcomed by it. I wish to share that love and return the favor of its welcome by helping the town in my own unique way. My powers of observation gain strength through my written words and I hope to make a positive difference.

On this visit to Amesbury, I was armed with my newly-printed business cards. Somehow having business cards made me feel more official, despite knowing that anyone can order business cards. My plan was to visit local businesses, explain what I do and hand out my business card. This was a very bold, ambitious plan for a girl who is more comfortable tucked off in a corner or hidden behind a laptop.

My first stop was Paws Pet Boutique on Main Street. I walked in and looked around at the expansive and varied selection of pet toys and supplies for many moments before working up the courage to approach the woman at the register. I handed her my card and stumbled through my “pitch” and I don’t blame her for looking confused. She was very nice and said she wasn’t the owner but would pass my card along. While me actually being brave enough to try was a huge victory, I felt as though I’d come off as a slimy salesperson. I have the best intentions, want to help and don’t expect payment for my Amesbury writing but that might be difficult to believe for those who don’t know me.

Inside Paws Pet Boutique

Inside Paws Pet Boutique

After Paws, I walked next door to Attentif’ Design and mustered more courage to try again. When I entered, two women were in the process of assembling a tall, narrow shelf and the owner, Kathi Gannett explained that it was for candles the store will be selling. I will be writing more about Attentif’ Design later because I adore that store and believe that it, and many other stores in Amesbury deserve more attention and patronage. I browsed a bit before explaining to Kathi what I did and handing her my card. She handed me her card in return and said I looked familiar. We concluded it’s from Facebook and she said she reads my blog and that gave me the biggest thrill!

One of the many neat displays inside Attentif' Design

One of the many neat displays inside Attentif’ Design

My stop at Attentif’ Design bolstered my spirits a bit so I continued into the next store of Parke Place Boutique. I handed the woman behind the register my card and again explained what I did. She was friendly and we chatted a bit about how winter makes business slower for everyone in town. I will be writing more about Parke Place Boutique later as well because I think these shops deserve their own individual attention even as they work together as a whole to make Amesbury the uniquely amazing place that it is.

Inside Parke Place Boutique, Amesbury, MA

Expertly arranged racks in Parke Place Boutique

I only visited a few stores because in each one I was filled with butterflies and extremely nervous. I didn’t really want to make a pest of myself either. I’m not exactly sure if I’m going about achieving my goal of helping Amesbury, MA in the right way or not but I do know that I’m not about to give up!