The Little Details

The sun was lacking again today so I’m hoping it decides to come out tomorrow. While it was gray almost all day the rain stopped by afternoon. I did a lot of freelance writing today and around 4:30 p.m. decided it was time to take Jazzmin for a walk.

As we walked I was scanning the road for woolly bear caterpillars but I didn’t see a single one. I suppose it was too cold and dreary for them to be out today. There were a variety of nuts squished into the road from car tires. Black walnuts, acorns and other nuts I don’t know were all mushed into pavement butter.

Amid all the nut guts and fallen leaves a familiar shape caught my eye. It was a red eft, the smallest one I’ve ever seen. He was blending in with the stained pavement and staying very still as he thought I was a predator. I wasn’t, but the car I could hear coming around the bend was, so I swiftly picked him up and enclosed him in my hand to carry him to safety. He must have liked the warmth of my hand because he was crawling around inside it until I placed him gently down in the grass.

A short distance down the road I saw another red eft of the same exact size. I was purposely looking for these little details now and I was pleased when I saw him. I carried him to safety as Jazzmin patiently tolerated her mama’s endless critter rescue efforts. I saved one more on the walk back home and it made the whole walk in the dreary weather totally worth it. I’d managed to get some good exercise and make a tiny difference in the world again.