Perks of Positivity

My farmer neighbor and his tractor saving the day!

My farmer neighbor and his tractor saving the day!

I’ve lost track of the number of times the universe has shown me that when you put positive energy out, it returns magnified in ways you couldn’t imagine. Positive energy, actions and thoughts beget positive results. Negativity begets more negativity and gets you nowhere but down.

The kindness of my farmer neighbor clearing out my driveway with his tractor this morning was a positive payback for something I’m doing right. I’ve never met the farmer, only waved to him when he drives by Jazz and I when we’re out walking, and I’ve never asked him to plow my driveway. He just helps this single mom and her two daughters out of the kindness of his heart. I tried to go out and give him some money for gas this morning but by the time I got outside, he was gone. I will definitely be sending him a thank you note though to make sure he knows how much I appreciate his help!

I won’t lie, it’s been hard to stay positive this winter with all the snow and cold. Being positive takes effort some days but it’s always worth the effort! Was I happily out singing while I shoveled my deck and steps repeatedly yesterday? Heck no, I’m an optimist, not a lunatic. But I do know that winter doesn’t last forever and that eventually warmer weather will win out and this mountain of snow will just be a distant memory/nightmare for the next several months.

Now that I’m feeling better, I can refocus my positivity and resume writing about my adventures in Amesbury, MA and why I think everyone needs to visit, enjoy and shop in that town!

Picture from my February  2014 trip to Amesbury, MA

Picture from my February 2014 trip to Amesbury, MA

There have been some great articles recently about Amesbury in The Daily News of Newburyport and I’m so happy to see my favorite trip destination finally receive the attention it deserves! I’ve linked to some of the articles here and I encourage you to read them!

New campaign keeps downtown shops open late

The final chapter

Show Me a Sign

Planting the seed for sustainable growth

The top of Amesbury

Amesbury downtown looks optimistically toward spring

Just one more reason why I love this town

Were I a less positive person, I’d think that writing about the town is better left to publications like The Daily News and local residents and that there’s nothing I can really offer as just a girl from Upstate NY. I happen to be a positively perky and persistent woman though and I know that the more that is written about Amesbury, the better! I’ve only ever received positive feedback when I write about Amesbury and I am honored by such encouragement. Every perspective has its own advantages, insights and power and every voice matters. Even a rambling voice like mine.