The BEST big brother

brother and sister by JulieAnn Corbin

Riding on Tim’s shoulders during a family trip to Florida I believe

My oldest brother Tim turned 45 this past Saturday. When I wrote his age on my calendar, I wrote it as “45?” and that made my 13-year-old daughter ask me why I did that. I told her that it was because I couldn’t believe he was turning 45 because he can’t possibly be that “old.” That also means I’m turning 39 this June and that just doesn’t seem possible! I know how old I am, but I also know that age is just a number and that sometimes I still feel 16, which would make Tim 22 and that computes in my brain just fine.

The six-year age difference between Tim and I meant weren’t as close as sibling closer in age growing up, but as we both got older, we grew closer. Even so, despite a few rough spots that all siblings go through, he was always a great older brother who looked out for his little sister. He still does that in fact.

tim looking out for me by JulieAnn Corbin

Tim looking out for me when I was little little

He’s the one who taught me how to dribble a basketball without looking at the ball and as he’s six feet tall, he could reach high up things for me when I asked for help. Nowadays, he comes over to my house sometimes when I need help with a project I just can’t manage on my own and I greatly appreciate his assistance!

My brother Tim is a great storyteller and has a sarcastic wit and he always manages to keep people amused. A few months ago, he had a stroke and it was a scary and familiar experience as my family and had endured my father’s multiple strokes in the past. Fortunately, Tim’s stroke wasn’t as severe as any of my father’s and he’s much younger than my father was so he recovered pretty quickly, but the stroke still changed Tim’s personality a bit. He has a bit less patience than he used to but it’s a small price to pay for still having him with us in this world. When the stroke first happened, the idea of losing my big brother was terrifying and devastating and I begged all the higher powers I could think of to help him recover and remain with us. I am so grateful he pulled through and is now on medication to help manage the extremely high blood pressure that nearly cost him his life.

Tim is a pretty easygoing person and he rolls with life as it flows along. I know that he always has my back and will always look out for his little sister, no matter how “old” we both get. I’m lucky to have him as my big brother, he’s a great uncle to my daughters and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.

my brother, daughters and me by JulieAnn Corbin

Me, Tim and my daughters, May 2014

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