Enjoying the festive glow


Icicle lights on my front bushes.

It’s the second week of December but you certainly can’t tell by the weather. It feels more like fall in Upstate NY than winter and I’m okay with that. My daughters would love snow on Christmas and I wouldn’t mind it then either, but for now, I’m making the most of the unusually pleasant temperatures.

Even without snow, I’m enjoying the festive glow of the season in the form of the multiple holiday lights I have strung up inside and outside my home. With the sun setting so early now, I can turn them all on to stave off the darkness and add colorful warmth to my home.


My tree in the living room

I put lights on my front bushes for the first time since I moved into my house. It was interesting doing something enjoyable with those bushes for once because in the warmer weather they grow like weeds and I’m constantly trimming/battling them to keep them from blocking my front windows. Happily, stringing icicle lights on them was a fun experience (especially since it was 50 and sunny instead of snowy and cold) and when I turned them on for the first time at night, they looked beautiful!

I love this time of year and no matter what challenges I face in life, that will never change. To me, the holidays are about being with those you love and feeling grateful for life’s blessings. I’m very fortunate to have two amazing daughters, a great family, close friends, a roof over my head and the potential for even more wondrous things on the horizon.