Having the words but not the time

I planned on entering some sort of blog post every day this month, but that plan quickly unraveled as I found myself with insufficient time and energy to follow through. At the end of a day of work writing, I usually turn my computer off and have no desire to turn it back on. The words for personal blog posts and stories still rattle around in my head, but I just can’t face my computer screen after writing for work all day.

I tried posting some images from Pinterest just so I’d have something up every day, but that felt like a “cop out” to me and not enough to do my writing abilities justice. Re-blogging older posts felt like less of a failure, but even so I eventually had to admit defeat in my daily blog post quest.

Now that my girls are out of school, I have to rearrange my work schedule so I can get all my articles done without it interfering with my time with them. My girls are my world and they come first. I already regret not cherishing the time when they were babies enough, I refuse to look back with regret anymore wishing I’d spent more time with them.

If something existed that could type out the words in my head without me having to physically sit down at a keyboard then I’d be able to write stories every time I daydream. Alas, such a telepathic device doesn’t seem to exist yet and until it does, blog posts will continue to be intermittent. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my rambling, I greatly appreciate it! =)

Delight in butterflies

I saw several butterflies while mowing today including a monarch and a yellow swallowtail. Seeing butterflies always makes me smile, even when I’m riding around a bumpy yard on a tractor in the hot sun. Butterflies are such powerful creatures to me because they go through quite a transformation to gain their wings.


New feathered residents


Waxwing (Silkitoppa)-3-E by Sindri Skúlason via Pinterest

For the several days I’ve been seeing cedar waxwings in the trees of my front yard. I love the colors of these birds and how dedicated they are to eating berries so I was quite happy to discover that they’re moving into my property.

I don’t have any ripe berries at the moment, but the black raspberries will be plentiful soon and I’m sure the waxwings and I will be competing to pick them. I’m not worried though, I’m sure there will be enough for all of us and I certainly don’t mind giving up some sweet berries in exchange for some new feathered residents. =)

Nature’s Artwork

I haven’t had much time to paint artwork lately, but this post shows that nature always has time because it’s effortless.

Lidancie Arts

I am imperfect. Everyone is. Yet every day I see commercials advertising beauty products and fitness programs to help men and women achieve perfection. Chasing dreams is one thing, striving for the impossible is ridiculous.

I have a great appreciation for nature. Nature is beautiful without even trying. The blazing sunrise, the changing leaves, the churning clouds, the glow of sunset. Beautiful without trying to be perfect. Nature just is what it is and if you don’t stop to see that, you’re missing out.

This past Monday morning started out beautiful with a pink cast to the clouds as the sun made its journey to rise over the hills. The sun shone ever so briefly before the dark clouds of the rapidly approaching cold front blocked it out. That contrast of darkness and light was stunning to behold. Nature wasn’t trying to impress me by puffing up its chest or…

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