A mixed bag


Tonight's mixed bag of pasta

Today was a mixed bag of weather that ranged from flurries to freezing rain and now gale force winds. The wind is bringing 50’s tomorrow followed by teens on Monday and that’s just how the weather this winter has been going.

To compliment the peculiar weather, tonight’s dinner featured a mixed bag of pasta to go with our sauce and meatballs. I had three boxes of pasta with only a bit left in the bottom of each so I decided to cook them all together. They all taste the same even though they’re different shapes and it created a unique looking pasta meal.

The howling wind beating against the house and rattling the windows is going to make sleep difficult for me tonight but I doubt it will bother the girls because they’re such heavy sleepers. I never actually sleep straight through the night anyway so my body is accustomed to being awake at odd times. Quite often when I go back to sleep I have more interesting dreams and that’s a mixed bag of the unexpected that I’m just fine with. 🙂


About Lidancie Arts

I am a single mother of two daughters and I am a tough, independent woman. My creative passion carries into my writing and jewelry design. Through blogging, I share my experience, perspective, and how I hope to improve the world one word at a time.

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