That warm glow

christmas tree

Every year I’m fortunate enough to have my daughters on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Last night we had my mom over for dinner and the girls got to open the presents from their grandma. They received some Frozen themed gifts and funds for picking out toys and I’m sure it will be an interesting adventure taking them shopping. After gifts were opened, we just hung out in the living room, enjoying that warm glow of being together. The kittens amused and amazed all of us and Jazzmin gave her best “woe is me” act even though I took her for a nice, long walk yesterday afternoon.

Frozen sheet sets

Gifts from Grandma

Last night I was once again grateful that my girls are heavy sleepers, as I always seem to sound like a herd of hippos when I’m setting out gifts. Santa and I were both delivered our gifts successfully though and the lovable kittens slept all night on my bed. Angel usually sleeps with me but not Daisy so it was nice that they both kept me warm. It was as if they knew that it was the magical night of Christmas Eve.

I was the first to wake this morning and I eventually ended up rousing my girls around 8:30 a.m. I consider myself quite lucky that they sleep in on Christmas morning since my older brothers and I always seemed to wake our parents at some unreasonable hour. Jaycie was already awake but Jordan was a big sluggish.

waking children

Jordan looks thrilled. Lol.

Eventually, we got it all together and headed out to the living room where the tree and gifts were. The girls were quite happy with the gifts from Santa, which were two Nerf Rebelle weapons, and I’m sure they’ll have more fun with them outside when it’s nicer. Jordan made me a matted printout of my favorite poem “Cats Sleep Anywhere” with cute drawings as the border and Jaycie gave me a felt Christmas tree ornament she’d made in school. They also gave me a dream encyclopedia, which is quite perfect as I’m always having unusual dreams.

As I’m tired of stepping on, around, and over little toys in my living room, I got the girls a different take on “toys” this year. I got Jaycie a Nintendo 2DS for her to play her favorite games on and Jordan a keyboard to create lovely music on. There wasn’t a mountain of gifts for them to open up, but then again, that warm glow doesn’t come from gifts. They don’t quite understand that yet, but they will someday.

stocking gifts

The girls checking out their gifts from Santa.

Nerf Rebelle Bow

Jordan and her new Rebelle bow.

plush cheetah cub

Jordan really loved her stuffed cheetah cub!

plush Garfield toy

Jaycie loves Garfield books and finally has a stuffed Garfield.

Yamaha keyboard

Jordan playing on her new keyboard.

Overall, I had a great Christmas morning with them before they went off with their father to celebrate the day with his side of the family. I headed to my mom’s house after lunch to indulge in a nice, hot bubble bath and some yummy appetizer food in the form of shrimp, crab cakes and bacon wrapped mushrooms. It was more like an earl y dinner than appetizers but that’s fine by me. It was nice seeing my mom on Christmas day and giving her the pairs of earrings I’d made for her.

As I write this, I’m now home and relaxing on my couch. I’m staying in for the rest of the night and basking in that warm glow that comes from adoring kittens, a pathetic pup, and knowing that my life is exactly as it’s supposed to be right now. I am blessed to have two beautiful daughters, a loving family, sweet pets, a roof over my head, a job I love, and a heart that still believes that the right one will find me eventually. Moreover, even if that right one never comes along, I know that the warm glow doesn’t come from anyone else, it comes from inside me and it’s up to me to keep it shining bright.


About Lidancie Arts

I am a single mother of two daughters and I am a tough, independent woman. My creative passion carries into my writing and jewelry design. Through blogging, I share my experience, perspective, and how I hope to improve the world one word at a time.

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