Musings of a bookworm

beautiful library

If I went in here, I’d never come out…

I had a busy day. It was a good day, but a busy day. I treated my mom and my daughters to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and while we got way too much food, I hadn’t been there in a few years and it was worth it! We then went to Barnes & Noble, the only remaining bookstore anywhere near where I live (and it isn’t close) and my girls each picked out a book they wanted. My mother found what she wanted as well.

I love all bookstores and wish they weren’t going extinct. I love that one especially because it’s two stories, full of more books than I could read in a lifetime, and has comfortable chairs to sit on and relax. Alas, I wasn’t able to find a book I wanted because it would have taken me hours to do so and my girls don’t have that kind of patience. I completely understand because I was young once and remember that once I got what I wanted, I was ready to leave.

I’m still glad I took my girls there though because they each got books I know they’ll read, which is a very big thing for Jaycie. Jordan loves to read and usually has 2-3 books going at once, but it’s harder to get and keep Jaycie interested in anything that isn’t Garfield or My Little Pony comics. This evening when we were at my mother’s house, I heard Jaycie reading her new book out loud and though it’s a My Little Pony Book it has a story and far more words than pictures. I’m all for whatever gets my girls reading!

I imagine eventually I’ll find the time to spend hours alone in a bookstore figuring out what I want, but today was not that day. I don’t have much time to read these days anyway as my freelance writing has picked up considerably. Eventually I’ll get back into reading something or other, but for now I’ll just dream of sitting on a bookstore floor flipping pages in one book while there’s a pile of several more around me. Such are the musings of a bookworm.


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I am a single mother of two daughters and I am a tough, independent woman. My creative passion carries into my writing and jewelry design. Through blogging, I share my experience, perspective, and how I hope to improve the world one word at a time.

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