Manners amid the manic

Christmas shopping took far longer than I expected today and I’ve now vowed to have better gift ideas next year to avoid the mayhem. With so few shopping days until Christmas, the roads and stores are packed with people and it all feels rather manic.

Nonetheless, I retained my manners amid the manic mayhem. I stopped to let cars out of plazas, I held doors for people, I said please, excuse me, thank you and even bless you when a fellow shopper sneezed. Was my courtesy always returned? Nope. But that’s not why I do it. I do it because it’s the right thing to do and it’s how I was raised.

So while other people were pushing, pulling, grumbling, huffing, letting doors close in my face, and driving like maniacs, I was being kind, considerate, patient, and caring me. I was exhausted and frazzled by my last stop but I didn’t let it get the best of me. I can’t say the same for others though.

I’m relieved to have my shopping done and though my girls won’t be getting much this year, it will be enough. Someday they’ll realize that Christmas isn’t about getting gifts, but for now I’ll let them be kids. Kids with good manners like their mama, of course. 😉


About Lidancie Arts

I am a single mother of two daughters and I am a tough, independent woman. My creative passion carries into my writing and jewelry design. Through blogging, I share my experience, perspective, and how I hope to improve the world one word at a time.

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