Little things are bigger than you think

Winter crescent moon photo

Glimpse of the crescent moon this morning

You know those little things that people take for granted? Well, they’re not as little as you think! I do my best to appreciate the little things in life and I thought I was doing a good job until I got sick. Only then did I realize how being able to swallow without pain, having energy, sleeping to wake feeling rested, and having non-aching muscles are anything but “little things.” Today dawned with the first clear sky we’ve had in days and I took that as a big thing and a sign of another positive upswing in my life.

winter sky photo

Throughout my day I’m often grateful for and wish for more of three little things in particular, or at least I thought I was grateful for them. Whenever I look at a clock and it says something like 11:11 or 12:12 or even 3:33 I say out loud or in my head “I wish for continued health, happiness, and love.” I’d forgotten what an amazing blessing being healthy is, but my very recent reminder will remain with me for a while.

As I continued to feel better today, I finally had the energy to do some of the tidying and holiday decorating I’d planned on doing over the weekend. I also took some time to just sit and watch a movie. No beading, no playing on my phone, no working on freelance or college at the same time, just sitting on the couch with Owl and Jazzmin watching a holiday movie called The 12 Dates of Christmas. It was one I hadn’t seen before and I was watching it on Netflix because they weren’t showing any holiday movies on regular TV. I rather liked the movie and I liked even more the fact that I took the time to focus on one thing and enjoy it.

Jazzmin and Owl snuggling with me today

Jazzmin and Owl snuggling with me today

The woman in the movie starts out being overly anxious about her future and worrying about being alone and I can certainly relate. By the end, she realizes that it’s more important to live in and be grateful for the moment than to have everything planned out. She realizes there are others like her who don’t want to be alone on Christmas and she works on fixing that instead of fulfilling her own needs. As it turns out, through helping others, she finds happiness and the fulfillment she was so worried she’d never get. She also gets the man of course. 😉

I’m now going to refocus on not planning so much and just trying to live in and enjoy the moment. The woman in the movie realized she couldn’t change destiny so there was no point worrying about it and it all worked out in the end. I imagine it will all work out in the end for me too eventually…

And of course I'm grateful for my little things called kittens!

And of course I’m grateful for my little things called kittens!

daisy goof2


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