It’s the little things

Jazzmin happy to be back with me and all clean from her grooming at the boarders.

Jazzmin happy to be back with me and all clean from her grooming at the boarders.

I picked up my pup Jazzmin from the boarders today and it was so wonderful to be reunited with my tail-wagging partner in crime! After I retrieved her from the boarders, I drove to the Dunkin Donuts in Canandaigua because I’d forgotten to eat breakfast before leaving the house. When I take road trips with Jazz, I share my breakfast and lunch with her, but as she missed out on that this last trip, I shared my bagel sandwich with her in the Dunkin parking lot. She was quite appreciative! It’s the little things like shared meals with my pup that bring happiness to my life.

Once we were happily fed, I got the groceries I needed while she waited in the car and enjoyed parking lot people watching. As I was planning to take the girls to get a new cat after school, I had to pick up a few necessities like a bigger bag of cat food and a new litter box. Knowing Jazz was waiting out in the car, I shopped quickly and we were soon cruising toward home and something we both wanted desperately: a nap!

After I hunkered down in my nice, comfy, memory foam bed and Jazz was snuggled into her blankets on the floor, we promptly passed out for a solid two hours. I loved being back in my soft yet supportive bed after dealing with the hotel bed springs poking me in the hips and ribs every time I rolled over. It’s the little things like my own bed and the company of my beloved pup that make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

A few hours after we woke up from our comatose states, Jazz and I headed to school to pick up Jordan. An hour after that, Jazz was in her crate snarfing peanut butter from her Kong while Jordan and I picked up Jaycie from school before heading off to Lollypop Farm in Fairport. There is a closer shelter but they weren’t open late enough so we drove a little further on our quest for a new cat.

Before we headed out on our quest, I’d looked online at the cats available from Lollypop Farm and I had my eye on a few calicos. I love calico kitties and as Avi was a tortie and lived a nice, long life, I figured getting another one was a safe bet. When the girls and I arrived at the shelter, Jaycie was practically bounding in excitement and Jordan was eager in her 12-year-old slightly subdued way.

We went inside and looked at all the cages of kitties but only a few came up to the bars and meowed at us. Among those few was one of the two kittens that I’d seen online. They were adorable gray and orange mix tabby girls with just a touch of tortie in them and on their cage, it said something about them being happier going home together. One of them came up to meow sweetly at us, the other was passed out at the top of the cage, and I was instantly in love with their little faces. 

10 27 14 blog6

Daisy has an orange spot on her head and is slightly smaller than Angel.

10 27 14 blog7

Angel has an orange spot on the back of her neck and is bigger.

I asked one of the volunteers how I went about petting the kittens and seeing about adopting them. I was instructed to go fill out an adoption form and I promptly did so. There have been other occasions when I’ve come across shelter animals that said they’d be happier adopted together and for the first time in my life, I was in a position to adopt such a happily cohabitating pair of little things.

Upon completing the paperwork, the girls and I were taken to a room and the kittens were brought into us. Their names were Daisy and Angel and Angel was obviously the braver of the two. I picked Angel up and started petting her and she immediately started purring. Jordan then picked up Daisy and soon after petting her, she was purring too and both kittens seemed happy to be with us. The adoption counselor said that they usually feed the cats Science Diet but that these girls were picky and preferred Meow Mix. That settled it! They liked the same food I already fed my cats and my mind was made up, the tabby kittens were ours! 

The kittens were placed in the cat carrier I’d brought and they snuggled up with each other so happily, they barely made a peep the whole ride home. The carrier was between the girls and everyone in the back seat was so quiet, I wasn’t sure they were all still there.

When we arrived home, I placed the carrier on the couch and opened the door. The first one to emerge was Angel and she was immediately climbing all over the place, establishing her territory. Daisy came out a bit later and sat contentedly on the couch for a while before joining her sister.

Jazzmin sniffing the cat carrier and wondering why it's hissing at her.

Jazzmin sniffing the cat carrier and wondering why it’s hissing at her.

Angel bravely emerges!

Angel bravely emerges!

Daisy out and chilling on the couch.

Daisy out and chilling on the couch.

Both girls relaxing on the couch.

Both girls relaxing on the couch.

Owl came in long enough to eat, hiss at the new kittens, and head back out with her nose bent out of shape. Jazzmin had no idea what was going on and things were a bit wild for about an hour until the animals figured each other out.

10 27 14 blog10

Jazzmin peaking up at one of the kittens.

Amazingly, the kittens put Jazz in her place and things are on their way to eventual peace. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before all four animals are snuggling on the couch with me, turning me into a baked potato. 🙂

It’s been 8 years since I last dealt with a kitten and much longer than that since I’ve dealt with two at once, so I’d forgotten how active kittens are! The girls and I have been kept busy plucking the little things off screens, tables, desks, shelves, and anything else that looks climbable. There have also been many moments of snuggling and happy purring, so it balances out…sort of.

10 27 14 blog9

Both girls snuggling on my lap.

10 27 14 blog11

Daisy playing with the tie on my shirt.

10 27 14 blog12

Snuggling with Jordan.

10 27 14 blog13

Can I squeeze through here, please?

10 27 14 blog14

Never mind, I’ll go over!

Daisy and Angel are obviously grateful that we rescued them and it’s a wonderful feeling having purring bundles of love on our laps. I think Aviendha is pleased with our choice and I imagine she’ll be giggling in heaven as her old mama deals with the endless energy of kittens. It’s the little things that keep life interesting!

10 27 14 blog5

Whatcha writing, Mama?

10 27 14 blog15

We’re helping you, right, Mama??


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2 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. Karen Soutar says:

    Aaww, such cuties! Well done for adopting them. I know what you mean about the climbing – Arwen, my new kitty, is still very young and into EVERYTHING! 🙂

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