The thing about adventures…

Overcast skies but still a lovely view of Salem, MA.

Overcast skies but still a lovely view of Salem, MA.

The thing about adventures is…that they’re very tiring! Yet somehow, they’re also invigorating, freeing, energizing, and amazing! I have tons to say about my adventures in Salem, Massachusetts today, but I’m too exhausted to put it into words tonight. For now, let me just say this: never be afraid to chase your dreams, no matter how unattainable they may seem. Working toward dreams isn’t always easy but I promise you that the effort is worth it.

One of the things I’ve found true repeatedly is that you have to take the first step toward your dreams or you’ll never accomplish them. It doesn’t matter how small that step is, as long as it’s a step forward, it’s a step closer to achieving your goals and dreams. The thing about dreams is…once you’ve achieved them, they transform, evolve, and light the way for new dreams you hadn’t imagined until you reached that part of your ongoing adventure.


About Lidancie Arts

I am a single mother of two daughters and I am a tough, independent woman. My creative passion carries into my writing and jewelry design. Through blogging, I share my experience, perspective, and how I hope to improve the world one word at a time.

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