Ooo! A fuzzy caterpillar! My reason for being!

The first fuzzy caterpillar I've rescued this fall!

The first fuzzy caterpillar I’ve rescued this fall!

After a morning of writing work and college work, I decided to take Jazzmin on a nice long walk this afternoon. I felt compelled to walk to a particular farmer’s field that was two miles from my house and as it was a beautiful day, it seemed like the perfect time to obey that urge.

I can’t actually recall the last time Jazzmin and I did the 4 mile walk, but it’s definitely been a while. We started out strong as our spirits were bolstered by the nice breeze and big, puffy clouds that periodically shaded us from the sun. I’ve been so caught up in work lately, that I feel out of touch with nature and my bigger role in the universe but today’s walk changed all that!

We were going up the first hill when I spotted a fuzzy caterpillar crossing the road a distance ahead. The first thoughts that popped into my head were “Ooo! A fuzzy caterpillar! My reason for being!” and I quickly sped up to reach the little guy before a car came along and squished him. To better understand my love for the little things, read my Fall’s Fuzzy Caterpillars entry.

I scooped the caterpillar up, he curled into a tight ball, and I carried him safely to the side of the road he’d been crawling toward. As I carried him, he opened up and by the time I reached the shoulder, he was crawling across my hand. I placed him safely in the grass away from the road and wished him well on his journey.

Now, some people might find it odd that I think rescuing a caterpillar is my reason for being, but it’s perfectly normal for me. That one little act reminded me that I do indeed serve a purpose in the bigger picture and that nature and I are connected. My connection with nature was proven throughout the entire walk today as I saw just about every type of sign I’ve ever asked for. I saw two hawks-one on the way out and one on the way back-two merlins on the way out, tons of little white butterflies flying alone and in pairs, and over a dozen monarchs gliding gracefully in the breeze. It was one of the best walks I’ve had in a long time!

Looking toward the two mile walk back home...

Looking toward the two mile walk back home…

My walk also reminded me of a very important lesson: every journey outward requires the same distance traveled inward. Spiritually that sounds and is very profound, but physically it means that walking two miles out means we have to walk two miles back home. Jazz and I were dragging after only a half mile back toward home but we kept putting one foot in front of the other and made it safely home…almost two hours after we’d left. Not our best time, but we weren’t going for speed, we were going for fulfillment, and we achieved that. I feel happily reconnected with nature and know with certainty that the universe needs me and has great plans for me!

My birds helped me plant some huge sunflowers this year!

My birds helped me plant some huge sunflowers this year!


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One thought on “Ooo! A fuzzy caterpillar! My reason for being!

  1. Karen Soutar says:

    I love furry caterpillars! Or as my best friend and I call them ‘Furry Calculators’. Many years ago, walking home from school, we spotted one and that’s what she called it. She obviously had maths on her mind… So they have been ‘Furry Calculators’ ever since. 🙂

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