A land of shale and water

Now a little trickle, a few days ago, a river.

Now a little trickle, a few days ago, a river.

This past Monday it rained here…a lot! It was the most rain I’ve seen since I moved into this area over a decade ago. The ceiling in my kitchen started dripping in the morning and didn’t stop until the evening when the rain finally slowed down. I’d known the roof needed some work but that never-ending rain pushed it beyond its limits.

The dripping in my kitchen was nothing compared to the overflowing waters of the numerous creeks in the area. Main Street of where I live is in a valley and it was totally flooded over with muddy water from the creek that kept being added to by the constant deluge. The creek and streams grew so swollen that a portion of the road right down from me was completely washed away!

I decided Jazz and I would go survey the damage on our walk today. I don’t often walk that particular road because it tends to be busy but I figured this was a good time to make an exception. The road down from me is still closed as they make repairs and when I saw the damage, I completely understood why. I’ve walked by that little creek that runs under the road but that little creek had been given so much power by the rain, it decided to take the whole road down with it.

Road crews building the road back up and rerouting drainage.

Road crews building the road back up and rerouting drainage.

There’s a lot of shale in this area and it moves, slides and crumbles easily under the light feet of squirrels in certain gullies. The overflowing water had no trouble carving right through it and washing it wherever it wanted to go. Into the road, down driveways, along shoulders and under pavement.



Jazz and I surveyed the damage along the road and while most of it has been cleaned up, it was still easy to imagine how awful it had all been during the storm. Personally, I’ve had enough rain for quite some time and think it would be far more useful in the drought-ridden areas of the world!


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