Elementary, My Dear Watson!

The Village Theatre Company sign

This evening I attended the final dress rehearsal of the production of The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes presented by The Village Theatre Company in West Newbury, MA. I’d been invited a couple of weeks ago via Twitter and as it coincided with my already planned visit to New England, I told them I’d go. I’m very glad I did!

I participated in community theatre in my early 20’s, always in the chorus, and I remember what a nerve-wracking experience it was! I was very impressed with all the actors in The Village Theatre Company, most of who were 17 or younger. It’s a daunting thing being up on a stage in front of a live audience, no matter what size the stage and audience is! The actors in this production kept their cool quite well and put on a show they should be proud of! The story was quirky, amusing, interesting and cleverly thought out and the young actor Playing Dr. John Watson practically stole the show. I think the story was written for him to do that anyway, as it seems that Watson is always a bit more informed than Sherlock Holmes 😉

Sherlock has his audience enthralled...

Sherlock has his audience enthralled…

Watson, Sherlock and Dr. Freudley piecing clues together.

Watson, Sherlock and Dr. Freudley piecing clues together.

The Village Theatre Company performs in The Laurel Grange at 21 Garden Street in West Newbury, MA and while their facilities are small, their level of commitment and the heart they put into their performances are huge! The director and assistant director were both young themselves but their talents are deniable. I spoke briefly with the General Manager of the theatre company, Paul Knittle, and he said that he tells the kids to try, do their best and have fun. There are always snags of some kind in any production, from the small stage to the big screen but what’s most important is that everyone make an effort and give their best performance! Everyone involved in The Village Theatre Company does just that and it shows.

Photos of the actors in the production.

Photos of the actors in the theatre group.

wall pics3

wall pics2

wall pics1

The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes runs tomorrow, Friday, July18 at 7 p.m., Saturday, July 19 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. and Sunday July 20 at 2 p.m.  I urge everyone in the surrounding areas to go see it! It’s a great way to spend an evening and the Grange building has plentiful air conditioning even if the night is warm. I know that everyone involved with the community theatre group would love to pack the house and I’m certain they appreciate everyone who attends. Go see and enjoy all the work they’ve put into this show, you won’t regret it!


Just after curtain call.

Just after curtain call.


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