The Steps of Amesbury, MA

An escaped hermit crab at Nest admiring the wooden Amesbury signs for sale.

An escaped hermit crab at Nest admiring the wooden Amesbury signs for sale.

There was a Block Party in Amesbury, MA the Thursday night I was in New England so I decided to attend. I’d never been to a block party before and I was curious and eager to experience something new. I visited Ed Justen at Workspace 36 shortly before the event started and I was impressed by how much the coworking space had expanded in the year since I first started visiting the area. I wished I’d taken pictures so I could do a fresh write-up but I forgot. Next time!

Ed said he’d be playing saxophone at the Block Party and I said I’d be sure to be there to listen for a bit. After a brief stop up the way at Parke Place Boutique and Attentif’ Design to speak with Deb and Kathi, I headed back to the hotel to freshen up and change into something warmer as the temperature had dropped considerably from the day before.

Once showered and dressed in a clean tank, lightweight sweater and capris, I returned to Amesbury and had no trouble parking in my usual lot. I walked up Main Street to where the block party was happening and things were just getting underway. A local stable was unloading ponies for pony rides and food vendors were busy making final preparations as people started to arrive.

Adorable ponies ready for the kids.

Adorable ponies ready for the kids.

In a very short amount of time, the grassy area in front of the church and the blocked off street were crowded with people. Couples, families with children in strollers or tagging along, people with dogs and others milling about near the beer truck. It was quite a busy scene!

Getting crowded!

Getting crowded!

I bought 10 tickets so I could sample the food available from local restaurants and shops. I had little pork sandwich from No. 8 Kitchen and Spirits, delicious paella from Amesbury Sports Park and numerous chocolate truffles from Ovedia Artistan Chocolates.

Yummy paella from the Amesbury Sports Park booth.

Yummy paella from the Amesbury Sports Park booth.

I stayed long enough to listen to Ed Justen play a few songs but then decided a block party just wasn’t my thing. I didn’t know anyone else there and felt a little out of place as everyone greeted familiar faces.

Ed Justen killing it on his sax!

Ed Justen killing it on his sax!

Carrying a bag filled with three chocolate truffles from Ovedia (I’d used my last 3 tickets on them) I headed back down Main Street toward Parke Place Boutique and Attentif’ Design. I found Deb and Kathi inside Attentif’ Design and we chatted a bit before settling onto the shared steps outside their stores.

It was a lovely cool evening and I really enjoyed watching all the people stroll by on the way to the Block Party. Deb and Kathi seemed to know everyone that walked by and greeted them happily and I was so thrilled to be there I’m surprised my inner glow wasn’t escaping to the outside.

Downtown Amesbury is so beautiful and I truly believe the people who live there are quite lucky. There’s no downtown like Amesbury anywhere near where I live and the level of friendliness doesn’t exist in the areas of NY I travel. To go to Amesbury and have people greet me by name with smiles and welcoming hearts is the most amazing feeling in the world! I fear I can’t seem to properly convey how much it means to me to feel like I’m part of Amesbury, even if it’s only an occasional, visiting part.

As we sat outside, Jon Mooers and his brother came along to work on hanging red, white and blue banners over the storefronts of Parke Place Boutique and Attentif’ Design. I dashed across the street quickly to take a picture of the scene and I think it captures the essence of what makes Amesbury such a wonderful town/city!

Locals visiting, talking, being social. It's lovely!

Locals visiting, talking, being social. It’s lovely!

Lots of people walked by with dogs and many of them stopped to chat. I learned that the large fluffy black and white dog/Shetland pony is named Lloyd but I didn’t catch the name of the other adorable pup that was sweet enough to give me kisses.



Deb and the sweet pup.

Deb and the sweet pup.

At one point Kathi asked me when I was moving to Amesbury and I said “Tomorrow if I could.” She thought that was very sweet and it was the honest truth. If not for the fact that I have shared custody of my girls and the divorce agreement states that I have to stay where I am until the girls are adults, I’d move to New England with them in a heartbeat! There’s so much more opportunity there than in NY and we could all learn a lot of positive things living there. When my girls are grown, I’ll definitely be moving to New England and then finally I’ll be where I belong.

I could have stayed there on the steps of Amesbury among all those friendly people all night but it was getting a bit cool and I had to get up early to head into Boston the next day so I headed back to the hotel. I am so grateful for the friends I have there and while I didn’t make it into town again this last trip, I’ll be back July 16-20 for more adventures!


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I am a single mother of two daughters and I am a tough, independent woman. My creative passion carries into my writing and jewelry design. Through blogging, I share my experience, perspective, and how I hope to improve the world one word at a time.

2 thoughts on “The Steps of Amesbury, MA

  1. Julie Little says:

    I feel the same about Amesbury, Ma, it is a wonderful town, filled with great people.

  2. Jnana Hodson says:

    Ours is coming up in two weeks. Hope the city gets the street repaired by then. Must be the 16th year for this event, too. It’s quite the bash.

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