Just because

One of my two male ruby throated hummingbirds keeping his eye on me.

One of my two male ruby throated hummingbirds keeping his eye on me this evening.

I wear a sterling silver key pendant with a small heart set sideways at its end. It was a gift from my mother several years ago and I’ve been wearing it every day since. At night I tuck it under my pillow so it’s close by and easy to put back on when I wake up.

It is the key to my heart and thus far, I haven’t found the right one to claim it. It is also a symbol of my eternal belief in love and that someday the right man for me will find me. I do not spend my days obsessing over said man (I used to) because that does no good. When the time is right, he’ll come into my life. Until then and even after that, I am grateful for all the blessings in my life. I have two beautiful daughters, I’m in good health, I have a great family, I own my own home and I’m making a career as a writer. I am not incomplete but there is something missing.

Though the key pendant was a gift from my mother, it makes me think of my father too. The key unlocks my heart but is closely guarded by my father’s spirit. He knows that it will take a good man with a great heart and a man as unconditionally loving of me as he was to win my love. He and I both know that I deserve nothing less.

For reasons I don’t entirely understand myself, I recently felt compelled to make a beaded chain for my key pendant. A very understandable reason was that my current silver rope chain and clasp kept pulling out my hair when it gets caught. But as that’s been happening for years, that’s not really the reason I created my own chain. I did it just because. Just because I felt in my heart that now was the right time to do it.

I knew I wanted it to be made with silver themed beads but that’s all I knew. When I was visiting my mother on Wednesday, I sat down in one of the chairs of her sunroom, pulled out my beads and just started working. The design came to me pretty quick. I chose silver mirror bugle beads interspersed with cobalt blue seed beads, all worked up with brick stitch. I could’ve simply strung beads onto thread or wire and been done with it but I wanted something woven, made with care and 100% unique. I was quite pleased with the end result!

My new beaded chain, key pendant holder and funky clasp design.

My new beaded chain, key pendant holder and funky clasp design.

I used a lobster clasp to hold the key pendant so I can change out charms or put the key on other chains I design. Oh yes, I’ll be making more chains, this is just the beginning!

When my project was finally finished, I went out onto my deck to take some photos of me wearing the new chain. As I sat out there, I heard the hummer approach and I then remained very still. One of my two hummingbird males came and landed, drank a little, looked at me, looked around, drank some more and left.

He's such a proud little thing!

He’s watching me again.

Handsome profile!

Handsome profile!

I smiled as I watched him. After he flew off, I took a couple photos of myself and then just sat there for a while enjoying the relative quiet of the evening.

Wearing my new beaded chain and my key charm.

Wearing my new beaded chain and my key pendant.

When I came back inside and started writing this I heard a hummingbird land on my feeder. I turned to look and was elated to see that it was a female hummingbird! I saw her for the first time earlier today but didn’t have my camera handy. This time I was ready and snapped a picture before she flew off. I’m guessing all of her hummer babies have now left the nest so hopefully I’ll be seeing more of her from now on.

Female hummingbird. Note the lack of ruby-colored throat seen on males.

Female hummingbird. Note the lack of ruby-colored throat seen on males.

I took seeing her as a very good omen of course and higher power approval of my latest creation. I adore my new chain and I’m proud of myself for creating exactly what I wanted even though I didn’t quite understand why I wanted it. As July draws to a close, I’ve decided I’m going to venture into the new month doing more things “just because” my heart, spirit and/or the powers that be tell me too.

With this post I’ve made up for missing one entry this month so I’ve now accomplished my task of writing in my blog every day in July. At least that’s how my math works 😉

A land of shale and water

Now a little trickle, a few days ago, a river.

Now a little trickle, a few days ago, a river.

This past Monday it rained here…a lot! It was the most rain I’ve seen since I moved into this area over a decade ago. The ceiling in my kitchen started dripping in the morning and didn’t stop until the evening when the rain finally slowed down. I’d known the roof needed some work but that never-ending rain pushed it beyond its limits.

The dripping in my kitchen was nothing compared to the overflowing waters of the numerous creeks in the area. Main Street of where I live is in a valley and it was totally flooded over with muddy water from the creek that kept being added to by the constant deluge. The creek and streams grew so swollen that a portion of the road right down from me was completely washed away!

I decided Jazz and I would go survey the damage on our walk today. I don’t often walk that particular road because it tends to be busy but I figured this was a good time to make an exception. The road down from me is still closed as they make repairs and when I saw the damage, I completely understood why. I’ve walked by that little creek that runs under the road but that little creek had been given so much power by the rain, it decided to take the whole road down with it.

Road crews building the road back up and rerouting drainage.

Road crews building the road back up and rerouting drainage.

There’s a lot of shale in this area and it moves, slides and crumbles easily under the light feet of squirrels in certain gullies. The overflowing water had no trouble carving right through it and washing it wherever it wanted to go. Into the road, down driveways, along shoulders and under pavement.



Jazz and I surveyed the damage along the road and while most of it has been cleaned up, it was still easy to imagine how awful it had all been during the storm. Personally, I’ve had enough rain for quite some time and think it would be far more useful in the drought-ridden areas of the world!

Solving mysteries

Have you ever known in your gut that something is true but you just can’t find tangible evidence of that truth? I hear and read so often how your heart knows the truth but your mind muddles it all up (I’m paraphrasing a bit) and I believe that.

Finding the truth and solving mysteries would be so much simpler if you could ask the spirits of those who had passed specific questions. The spirits who watch over me do their best to show me signs but signs are difficult to translate into sensible clues that have bearing on the real world.

I’m seeking a single answer to a questions but in order to find it I have to sift through mountains of information, some of it relevant, some of it not. It’s a mind-boggling undertaking but long overdue and I won’t quit until I find proof of the answer that my heart already knows.

Solving mysteries is not my strongest point and I usually skip to the end of mystery novels to avoid hurting my brain. As I don’t quite know what the end of the book is here, I’ll continue reading the story page by page.

Having Faith is a History Worth Repeating (re-post)

purple flowers

Sometimes I feel a keen sense of deja vu in my life, as in I’ve been in this particular loop of events or emotions before. I scold myself because I’m supposed to learn from my experiences and not repeat the same mistakes but I’m human and I slip up. Luckily, I have my past self to go back and seek advice from and remind myself that there are things in life that are actually worth repeating.


Having Faith is a History Worth Repeating 1/8/2013

History tends to repeat itself. Not just in big world events but in our lives and personal relationships. Sometimes it is a positive and beneficial thing and sometimes it is a negative and detrimental thing. Preventing history from repeating itself is definitely possible in certain circumstances. If we keep making the same mistakes and not learning the life lesson intended from the first time we made those mistakes, then we’re allowing history to repeat itself. There are however many times when there’s nothing we can do to stop history from cycling through again in an all too familiar way and that can prove rather frustrating.

As much as many of us might wish it were otherwise, we can’t control the universe. There are some who can quite possibly see the future but that doesn’t mean they can really do anything to change it. What if the very thing they do to change the future creates that unwanted future? It is a conundrum often repeated in science fiction stories and movies and for good reason. Humans don’t like feeling helpless. Uncertainty causes worry and fear and those are emotions no one truly enjoys. But accepting that certain things are beyond our control isn’t easy to swallow either. This is where faith comes in…

Faith is the belief that somehow things will all work out regardless of what we do or do not do. This is not a force that will somehow pay your bills if you don’t send the money, that sort of thing is wholly within our control and should not be left up to the universe. Faith is a force for much bigger things. It and hope are what we cling to in our darkest hours when things look bleak and full of despair. If we do not hold on to that small sliver of belief that things will be okay somehow then we have given up and that accomplishes nothing. 

It is not just unseen forces that one need have faith in. Having faith in those who love us and believing that they will help us through our struggles is just as important.  A tangible strength and support is a different level of comfort and reassurance than blind faith. If we start to doubt that those who love us will be there for us, then it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy as we push them away for fear that they’ll abandon us eventually anyway. Not all of our loved ones will be there for us but those who are loyal without falter are the ones that truly matter in the bigger scheme of things.  Having this sort of history with people makes for an enduring repetitive experience and creates the ties that truly bind us all together.

Smiles and sunshine every day!

Jaycie blowing out her birthday cake candles.

Jaycie blowing out her birthday cake candles.

Today was my youngest daughter’s 8th birthday. For the rest of time, I will tell Jaycie the story of her birth. How she kicked and hiccuped through labor and even as I pushed her out and how the nurses found that fascinating! She didn’t do anything “by the book” from day one and that’s a true trait of every Corbin-blooded female.

Jaycie hugging her Sofia the First doll still in the package.

Jaycie hugging her Sofia the First doll still in the package.

As soon as she learned how to smile, Jaycie woke up every morning and from every nap smiling! She’s always been a very happy child and she’s a ray of sunshine on even the roughest days. She’s unique among all her other family members and not just because she’s the only one with the combination of blond hair and blue eyes.

The Pinkie Pie pillow her older sister Jordan handmade for her.

The Pinkie Pie pillow her older sister Jordan handmade for her.


She’s been receiving therapy since she was two and a half years old because she’s developmentally delayed and when any new therapists ask for descriptions of her, the first thing that always comes into my mind is “She’s just Jaycie!” That’s the only category and diagnosis she belong in, as far as I’m concerned. She’s my Jaycie Bear, my special miracle and one of the two biggest blessings in my life, my beautiful daughters.

Jaycie holding up her new Scooby-Doo toys and Jordan looking on.

Jaycie holding up her new Scooby-Doo character and Jordan looking on.

Trailblazer Jordan and The Path of Destiny!

ganondagan sign

The Ganondagan State Historic Site in Victor, NY covers a decent piece of land complete with a longhouse, visitors, center, fields of crops and nature trails. After the girls and I walked through the longhouse during the Native American Dance & Music Festival, we came out the other side to find a canopy set up with chairs and tables. At one of the those tables they were selling ice cold bottles of water and I thought that was a strange location for that.

girls by longhouse2

Girls walking toward the longhouse.

girls by longhouse

Standing by longhouse entrance.


Inside the longhouse.


We walked away from the longhouse toward more of the educational plaques around the property and Jordan pointed out that there was the beginning of a hiking trail nearby. She said “let’s go on the trail!” and I said sure. I figured it was a trail that looped back around at some point and came out at a different location near the longhouse. So off we went!

Sign explaining the trail.

Sign explaining the trail.

The trail was quite lovey and well-shaded with tall trees. Some parts of it were a bit too steep for Jaycie to navigate alone so I held her hand whenever she needed help.

girls on trail1 girls on trail

We’d been walking for 10-15 minutes when I began to doubt my assumption that the trail looped back around. We just kept heading further and further out. All the groups of people ahead of us gave up and turned back but we kept on, certain that the trail had to end back at Ganondagon. I really should have known better because I have a horrible sense of direction and propensity for becoming lost.

Girls reading one of the signs explaining the nearby plants.

Girls reading one of the signs explaining the nearby plants.

Jaycie and I continued to follow Jordan as she blazed the trail ahead. I had to periodically ask her to stop as Jaycie couldn’t go that fast. We kept coming across wooden plank paths over muddier parts of the trail where I’d go first and Jaycie would follow, holding both my hands as I stretched them behind me for her to use as balance aids. By 25 minutes in, I was getting a little grumbly at Jordan for leading us on this adventure and Jaycie was tired and hot.

Jordan leading the way on the trail.

Jordan leading the way on the trail.


After 40 minutes of walking with no sign of the civilization, I finally pulled out my phone and opened up my maps program to see where we were. I was rather dismayed to see that we were a fair distance from the Ganondagon site and continuing to head further away. I now doubted the path ever looped around so Jaycie and I took a seat on a log bench while Jordan went a little further while remaining in sight. She didn’t find anything that looked like an ending so after a brief rest, we headed back the way we had come.

On our way back across the wooden planks.

On our way back across the wooden planks.

By this point we were all hot, tired and sweaty as the temperature and humidity had risen even among the shady trees. I asked Jordan to help her sister on the way back so I could lead the way and make sure we were going the right way with my GPS. We eventually found ourselves back at the trail we’d first started on and I suddenly understood the reason for that table selling ice cold water bottles. I bought one for each of us and we gulped them down as we walked back into the longhouse to enjoy the shade and breeze inside it.

Jordan grumbled a bit about the fact that Jaycie and I will never let her live that little adventure down but in reality, it was good for all of us. We got some exercise, learned about native plants and trees and had ample quality time together. I hadn’t planned on going hiking and getting that disheveled and sweaty but you only get one go round in this life so it’s best to stuff it with as many experiences as possible. Jordan was just leading us exactly where we were supposed to go, on the path of destiny!

Hawk in the sky beyond the longhouse before we headed off. A sign I was heading the right way ;)

Hawk in the sky beyond the longhouse before we headed off. A sign I was heading the right way 😉

The Power of Three


One of my favorite shows was/is Charmed. It’s a show about three sister witches who, when they combine their magical powers, are an unstoppable force against evil. This combined force is called The Power of Three.

My two daughters and I possess our own Power of Three and it has wondrous and magical properties. Together we can face and overcome any challenge and our love makes us stronger every day.

Today we went to the Native American Festival at Ganondagan in Victor, NY. We had some rather unexpected and interesting adventures that I’m too tired to share now but through it all, we were a united trio. Spending time with my girls always reminds me how blessed I am to have them. We make each other laugh, we indulge in the fine art of sarcasm and we hold hands to stick together when the trail gets challenging.

We are a formidable trio with a Power of Three capable of overcoming any force that tries to rise against us. Never mess with a Corbin woman because trust me, she’s got some kickbutt family back up 😉

Chasing butterflies


monarch flying2

After so many monarch sightings yesterday afternoon and evening I decided I’d go out purposely seeking them in the hopes of taking better photographs with my Canon camera. It was an absolutely beautiful day today and I was lucky enough to get some extra time with Jaycie while her father and sister went shopping for her birthday presents. When I’d finished my work inside, we went outside so she could swing and I could do some butterfly chasing.

Yesterday I saw the monarch flying around the farmer’s field behind my house so I started walking that direction, camera in hand. A monarch fluttered by and flew into the hedgerow so I changed course and looked for it among the bushes there. I couldn’t see it but as I was looking I heard the cry of a hawk from the southern sky. Instantly curious, I stepped away from the hedgerow until I had a full view of the sky and to my delight, there was a pair of hawks flying across the field from east to west. They were so far away my zoom didn’t do them justice but I did get them both in the same photo.

Pair of hawks circling over the farmer's field.

Pair of hawks circling over the farmer’s field.

Once the hawks had disappeared over the treetops to the west, I returned my attention to the field and was immediately greeted by the sight of a monarch butterfly flying about. I snapped a couple pictures hoping I got him in the frame since it was impossible to see the viewfinder in the bright sunlight. Happily, I got a couple shots of him/her in flight.

monarch flying1

The orange blur is the monarch.

monarch flying3


As I watched the single monarch, another monarch appeared and the two were quickly involved in an aerial battle/mating flight which I tried to capture in pictures.

monarchs flying2

I’ve never seen two monarchs do this!

monarchs flying1

They flew quite high in the sky during their contact.

As I’m not a monarch butterfly, I can’t tell male and female so I didn’t know if it was a battle between two males or a mating flight between a male and female.  After the aerial display they both took a rest in the field about five feet away from each other.


Monarch 1


Monarch 2

I walked back to where Jaycie was swinging and sat in my comfortable, cushioned bench for a while admiring the blue sky and puffy clouds floating slowly across the horizon. I asked Jaycie if she wanted to go see the monarchs since she’d done a report on them for school and she said she did. Back we walked and we saw one of the monarchs flying around when we were about three feet from the edge of the field.

I told Jaycie there was a second monarch somewhere out there and started to walk into the field to see if I could flush it out for her to see. I did find both monarchs but once I saw what they were doing I decided that coaxing them into flight wouldn’t be very nice. The moment I saw them I knew they were a male and a female as they sat on a thick green leaf, back to back, engaged in mating.

mating monarchs3

At first I thought it was just one of the monarchs.

mating monarchs2

Then I saw two pairs of wings!

mating monarchs1

I turned back toward Jaycie to ask if she saw them but she was already halfway back to the swings. I don’t think she actually saw them, I think she got bored watching mommy take pictures and went back to doing fun things. I can honestly say I’d never seen butterflies mating until today but I found it quite beautiful as they slowly opened and closed their wings, sitting peacefully on the leaf.

Feeling I’d intruded enough, I left them to their affair and rejoined Jaycie at the swings. I had no idea chasing butterflies was going to be such a learning experience! Amazing what you can discover when you stop the hectic pace of life and admire the wonder of the world around us.


Promises on monarch wings


Took this picture with my phone and zoomed in. Trust me, there's a monarch in it.

The weather finally cooled off and became less humid enough to mow today. As I mowed this afternoon I was treated to the sight of monarch butterflies. I’m always so happy when the monarchs start appearing! They’re symbolic of transformation for me and carry messages from my father and other family spirits.

I love all types of butterflies and smile whenever one flies by me. I even bring my mower to a complete stop if there’s one perched on a flower in front of me. The roar of the mower is enough to make them fly away and I continue on my course. Seeing two butterflies flying together is a powerfully positive sign and never to be ignored.

When I was done mowing, I took Jazzmin for a walk in the lovely evening air. Shortly after we set out, a monarch butterfly appeared flying in the direction we were walking. He paused on a plant by the side of the road and I snapped the picture at the top of this post before an oncoming car scared him away.

Jazz and I had a great walk in the sunshine with the pleasant breeze and she was all happy, panting smiles on our way home. As we neared my driveway, another monarch fluttered by us and I paused to watch him as he disappeared further up the road. Wearing a wide,  happy smile, I continued toward home and started looking forward to the many wonderful promises awaiting me on monarch wings.

In a heartbeat…


In a heartbeat 7/23/14

In a heartbeat,
The whole world shifts.
What was once important
What has always mattered
Still does.

A skipped heartbeat
Crumbles your existence
Creates questions
Evokes prayers
Brings tears
Scares you to the core.

The heartbeat drums
Breath resumes
Vision focuses
Spirit shines
Your voice returns.

In a heartbeat,
You see the truth
Know your soul
Fight to win
And claim victory.

In rhythm to a heartbeat
You hug your loved ones
Speak words you’ve held back
Release your fears
Step from the darkness
And never forget
That it was almost all lost
In a heartbeat.

Even the bird songs are different

Cardinal in the trees at Wampanoag Homesite in Plymouth, MA

Cardinal in the trees at Wampanoag Homesite in Plymouth, MA

This past spring I visited Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, MA. It was too early for there to be leaves on the trees and snow lingered in certain shady spots. It was overcast that day but I walked back on one of the trails anyway, always eager to explore.

As I crested one of the first hills I heard an unfamiliar bird song. Curious, I followed the sound until I discovered the feathered singer. To my surprise, it was bright red male Northern Cardinal chirping away in a song I’ve never heard one sing in Upstate NY. I stood there watching and listening to him for several minutes before he flew away. I was amazed to realize that even a bird I knew well in NY had a different song in Massachusetts.

During my most recent visit to New England, I was walking through the Wampanoag Homesite at Plimoth Museum and heard a bird song that was familiar and yet not. I again followed the sound and discovered it to be another male cardinal. It was the same song I heard in the spring but it had been long enough ago I hadn’t remembered the exact notes.

I again stopped and listened to him singing and smiled. I always feel different in New England. My spirit feels lighter, more free and more at home. It’s nice to see that the difference I feel isn’t all in my mind as even the bird songs are different in the area that has claimed my heart.

A trip of firsts


This past trip to New England was the first I’ve ever made in July. Last summer I skipped July because I went solo in June and then with my mom and girls in August. I was also still working at my office job last July so taking a road trip every month wasn’t yet a possibility. While I knew this was my first trip in July, what I didn’t realize was how many other firsts it  was going to be filled with.

Every trip I take to New England is filled with new experiences, some of them planned and some of them not-so-planned. This trip I planned to go to the community theatre show I was invited to Thursday night and then down to Plymouth and Cape Cod Bay area on Friday. My weekend plans were to attend the MCNAA Summer Moon Pow-Wow. I did everything I planned and it kept me busy with plentiful new adventures! But it was the firsts that stood out most in my mind.

This was the first trip to New England where I didn’t see any of my friends in Amesbury, MA. There were various reasons for that but it still made me a bit sad. This trip was the first time I attended any kind of show in New England. I’m glad it was The Village Theatre’s production of The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes because I felt honored to have been invited.

A bit bummed in Amesbury, MA.

A bit bummed in Amesbury, MA.

It was the first time I saw with my own eyes parts of the Wampanoag culture I’d only read about in books. I had my first experience with the craziness that is Cape Cod traffic and also my first meeting with an online friend from that area. It was the first time I was finally brave enough to go out and dance in the circle at a pow-wow for both the Round Dance and some Inter-Tribal dances. That last first is rather huge for an introverted semi-hermit like myself!

The inter tribal dances are a chance for everyone to dance together.

The inter tribal dances are a chance for everyone to dance together.

Along with expanding my knowledge of Massachusetts and its history, I also learned a lot about myself. I learned yet again that I’m stronger than I think. I faced some rather tough lessons, lessons I’d been certain would reduce me to rubble, but I didn’t crumble. In fact, I stood taller and prouder of myself. Certain life experiences add cracks in the foundation of my beliefs but I always fill those cracks with a truth that makes my spirit ever stronger and more determined.

Sunset as I head back to NH from Cape Cod area.

Sunset as I head back to NH from Cape Cod area.

One thing that will always remain true is that my trips to New England renew my soul, stimulate my mind and fill my heart with joy and fulfillment. The first time I see the “Massachusetts Welcomes You!” sign when I cross into the state makes me smile, take a deep breath and remember that I’m on the right path.

Massachusetts Welcomes You

Interpreting signs

Blue dragonfly near where I sat at today's Pow-Wow

Blue dragonfly near where I sat at today’s Pow-Wow

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you know that I’m a big believer in signs. If you’re new to reading my blog…well now you know that I believe in signs 😉 I always look and ask for positive signs and I do my best to not believe in bad omens. I honestly feel that when you put positive energy out there, positive energy returns! The same applies to negative energy which is why I try so hard to see the bright side of situations.

I consider myself fortunate that the powers that be quite often send me exactly the sign I ask for. Sometimes I’m quite specific in my sign requests and when those are answered on-point I’m sure that’s my dad’s spirit flexing his afterlife muscle to help and reassure his little girl. There have been times when I don’t receive a specific sign and while I like to believe that it hasn’t happened yet or that I missed it, it’s entirely possible that I wasn’t meant to receive that sign because what I was looking for just can’t be accomplished. That can be rather hard for me to accept, especially when I wanted with all my heart to see that sign and be given hope for a particular outcome.

I think there have also been times when I interpret signs incorrectly. Translating signs isn’t an exact science after all and it wouldn’t be any fun if it was. But I do the best I can and continue to believe in positive outcomes. For me personally, it’s important to have faith in something. To be able to hold onto hope for a brighter future even at life’s lowest moments.

Today I saw several positive signs in the forms of dragonflies near where I sat, butterflies along my path and a hawk circling in the sky above the park.

Another dragonfly in the center of the circle.

Another dragonfly in the center of the circle.

Hawk circling above the park.

Hawk circling above the park.

I believe the hawk is one of my most powerful spirit guardians and animal totems as I see one almost every day. I even saw one circling in the sky of Boston! Seeing a hawk reminds me that I’m never alone and tells me that I’m on the right path. Watching a hawk means looking up and as I believe in always looking where you want to go, things will continue to soar upward!

The hawk I saw circling the skies in Boston.

The hawk I saw circling the skies in Boston.

Pictorial New England adventures!

I had such a busy and adventurous day today that I’m far too tired to write many words. So instead I’ll share some pictorial highlights from my travels as a prologue to future posts. Enjoy!


Map of Plimoth Plantation


Dwelling in the Wampanoag Homesite


View from the fort at Plimoth Plantation


plimoth Grist Mill


Plymouth Rock


Mayflower II


Driving toward Cape Cod


Waterfront in Hyannis


Driving back north through Boston

Elementary, My Dear Watson!

The Village Theatre Company sign

This evening I attended the final dress rehearsal of the production of The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes presented by The Village Theatre Company in West Newbury, MA. I’d been invited a couple of weeks ago via Twitter and as it coincided with my already planned visit to New England, I told them I’d go. I’m very glad I did!

I participated in community theatre in my early 20’s, always in the chorus, and I remember what a nerve-wracking experience it was! I was very impressed with all the actors in The Village Theatre Company, most of who were 17 or younger. It’s a daunting thing being up on a stage in front of a live audience, no matter what size the stage and audience is! The actors in this production kept their cool quite well and put on a show they should be proud of! The story was quirky, amusing, interesting and cleverly thought out and the young actor Playing Dr. John Watson practically stole the show. I think the story was written for him to do that anyway, as it seems that Watson is always a bit more informed than Sherlock Holmes 😉

Sherlock has his audience enthralled...

Sherlock has his audience enthralled…

Watson, Sherlock and Dr. Freudley piecing clues together.

Watson, Sherlock and Dr. Freudley piecing clues together.

The Village Theatre Company performs in The Laurel Grange at 21 Garden Street in West Newbury, MA and while their facilities are small, their level of commitment and the heart they put into their performances are huge! The director and assistant director were both young themselves but their talents are deniable. I spoke briefly with the General Manager of the theatre company, Paul Knittle, and he said that he tells the kids to try, do their best and have fun. There are always snags of some kind in any production, from the small stage to the big screen but what’s most important is that everyone make an effort and give their best performance! Everyone involved in The Village Theatre Company does just that and it shows.

Photos of the actors in the production.

Photos of the actors in the theatre group.

wall pics3

wall pics2

wall pics1

The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes runs tomorrow, Friday, July18 at 7 p.m., Saturday, July 19 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. and Sunday July 20 at 2 p.m.  I urge everyone in the surrounding areas to go see it! It’s a great way to spend an evening and the Grange building has plentiful air conditioning even if the night is warm. I know that everyone involved with the community theatre group would love to pack the house and I’m certain they appreciate everyone who attends. Go see and enjoy all the work they’ve put into this show, you won’t regret it!


Just after curtain call.

Just after curtain call.