A chilly evening stroll in Amesbury

looking downtown

I arrived at my hotel in Seabrook, NH at around 4:30 p.m. and was quite happy I hadn’t had to drive through any freak winter storms and minimal bumper to bumper traffic. It was a clear and sunny day if a bit cold and it felt wonderful to be back in New England!

After I unloaded my car and settled in my room, I took a shower and changed into fresh clothes because I felt like I’d been born in the clothes I wore for the drive. My next move was to decide what to do next. The first idea that popped into my mind was to go to the Amesbury Town Park and investigate the new playground I’d read about on Facebook. I don’t think I’ve gone on a trip to New England yet without my first destination being Amesbury. You might ask why I stay in Seabrook when I love Amesbury so much. The truth is that the only hotel in Amesbury is well outside my budget, so I stay just across the border in New Hampshire.

I arrived at Amesbury Town Park (a place I’d visited three times previously) and parked by the skateboard courts. I walked over to the new playground and found it quite nice! I’m definitely going to bring my daughters to play there during our upcoming summer vacation.

View of the new playground

View of the new playground


I then wandered into the grove of trees by the pond in the park and walked around the disc golf baskets to reach the central gazebo building. I imagine the gazebo was quite lovely in its prime but it’s a bit worn down looking and the pillars are covered with graffiti. I understand it must be difficult to maintain a building so open to the public like that but I still found it pretty.

Looking out from the gazebo

Looking out from the gazebo

After a walk around Amesbury High School to see that it was bigger than the entire K-12 school where I live in NY, I returned to my car and drove into downtown Amesbury. I parked in my usual public parking lot by Crave and walked into town. I love the birdhouses hung outside Greenery Designs and when I stopped and looked up, there were two sparrows acting as sentries on the shepherd hooks over the main door. I was able to take a picture of one on his hook but the other flew off before returning and settling atop one of the birdhouses.

Bird sentry one.

Bird sentry one.

Bird sentry two

Bird sentry two

I walked up Main Street but as it was almost 7 p.m., most of the stores were closed. Today is Thursday and several of the stores are open later into the evening so I’m certain I’ll get some shopping in. I did my usual rounds of the town and tried to take pictures of areas I haven’t before. I couldn’t resist taking photos of Powwow River Falls though and noting that there are less ducks there now than there were during my last visit in February.

I understand the reasons behind closing the Gallery but it still makes me sad.

I understand the reasons behind closing the Gallery but it still makes me sad.

Parke Place Boutique and Attentif' Design

Parke Place Boutique and Attentif’ Design

looking downtown2

So much character in downtown Amesbury

No. 8 opening soon!

No. 8 opening soon!

Sign in the Fiddlestix Toys window. I sure hope so!

Sign in the Fiddlestix Toys window. I sure hope so!

The water was moving so fast it's a blur on my camera!

The water was moving so fast it’s a blur on my camera!

raging rapids

Far less ducks than before. I'm sure they've found new homes.

Far less ducks than before. I’m sure they’ve found new homes.

After my chilly evening stroll around Amesbury, MA, I was feeling more content and quite cold! I was wearing my winter coat and gloves but apparently my blood has already been thinned by the few days of almost 80 degree temperatures we had in NY. I decided it was past time for dinner and I really needed to thaw out so I walked back toward my car. The mouth-watering aromas from Crave reached me and my feet steered me toward the door of the restaurant. I had a great meal, made a pig of myself and will save that story for a later post…

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