A fish named…Garfield?

Garfield the fish with his pal Odie

Garfield the fish with his pal Odie

When I was running errands this past Thursday, I had to stop at the store for some dog food. Across the aisle from the dog food was the store’s display of fish. For some unknown reason I was drawn to the betta fish and a lovely rainbow-colored one caught my eye. The girls had talked about wanting a betta fish last year but hadn’t mentioned anything recently. Regardless, I picked up the plastic container with the betta and put him in my cart. A few aisles later I changed my mind and put him back. I thought maybe the girls didn’t want a betta fish anymore.

I mentioned the event to my girls yesterday morning and their faces fell when I said I’d put the fish back. Apparently they still wanted a betta, live and learn! I told them we’d go to the store and pick out a betta today and that’s exactly what we did. As it turned out, they chose the exact same fish I’d put in my cart a few day’s before. Great minds think alike! They chose a round tank with a choice of different LED color lights and a selection of little plastic plants.

As we walked around the store picking up a few other things, Jaycie enjoyed talking to the fish and checking to make sure he was still moving around. I asked them what they were going to name him and Jordan insisted they’d decide once they got him home in the bigger tank.

Once home, Jordan got the tank ready for the betta with some glass stones she’d been using as decoration in her room. She set the plants in the tank and I filled it with water. I then had a challenging time using the little fish net to snatch the betta from his temporary store tank to the nice new one all ready for him. I eventually nabbed him and put him in the tank and he immediately hid behind the plants.

The betta seems just fine and he’s now much more willing to come to the front of the tank now. The girls told me they named him Garfield after the big, fat, orange tabby cat in the comics and I looked at them in surprise. I asked them why they named him after a cat and they said because it was a name they both liked. I really shouldn’t be surprised since I named one of my cats after a bird…

The picture doodle Jordan made of Garfield

The picture doodle Jordan made of Garfield


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