If you wanna be happy…

IMAG1072 Over the past several weeks, radio and television have played Pharrell William’s song “Happy” almost to death. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against songs that make people feel good and lift spirits but hearing it excessively every time I turn on the radio or TV has become tiresome. The song kind of loses its perk after a million plays.

Honestly, every time I hear the song I’m reminded of the 1963 song “If You Wanna Be Happy” by Jimmy Soul. The first lines of the song are “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife…” and when I broke out singing those words a few nights ago, my oldest daughter Jordan looked at me like I had two heads. I then played the whole song for her from YouTube and she was even more perplexed.

In my brain is a seemingly endless collection of random songs that include show tunes from musicals, oldies from the 50’s and up and right into today’s music. I don’t always know why I suddenly start singing bits of songs but I do. I grew up listening to my mother do the same thing and now I’m doing it to my daughters…who already do it back to me. I find it all rather neat and unique!

Songs can say whatever they want about what it takes to be happy whether it’s clapping hands or marrying an ugly woman but the key to happiness is different for every person. All that matters is that you find what makes you happy and keep it a vital part of your life every single day.


About Lidancie Arts

I am a single mother of two daughters and I am a tough, independent woman. My creative passion carries into my writing and jewelry design. Through blogging, I share my experience, perspective, and how I hope to improve the world one word at a time.

2 thoughts on “If you wanna be happy…

  1. Karen Soutar says:

    Same here in the UK! Not that I listen to general commercial radio a lot, for the very reason that it’s the same stuff over and over… 😉

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