Wait, what?

After watching Disney’s Frozen a few times, I noticed that the phrase “Wait, what?” was said several times by different characters. I was quite happy to find that someone had already made a compilation of this on YouTube!

Earlier this week, I had my own “Wait, what?” moment while the girls and I were eating dinner. We were sitting on the living room floor eating at the coffee table as we often do. I think it feels more laid back and cozy sitting on the floor and for some reason, we all seem to share more when we eat like that. Amid our eating and conversation Jordan suddenly said “I miss living at the apartment.” Jaycie agreed with her sister and I was left staring at them in confusion as I thought “Wait, what???”

I asked the girls why and after a few moments thought, they told me that they missed sharing a room like they did in the apartment. This totally surprised me. When I started house hunting in the spring of 2011, I was specifically looking for a home with three bedrooms so the girls could each have their own room like they did at their father’s house. I thought they’d enjoy having space from each other, especially as they got older. Well, here it is three years later and rather than growing further apart, they’ve grown closer.

I’m not about to tell my girls they can’t share a room when they so obviously want to so I promised I’d rearrange things and have Jordan’s room converted into their shared room by the time I got them back Sunday evening. Jaycie’s room will then become the play room and that seemed to make the girls even happier.

I wasn’t sure how things would fit in Jordan’s room with two beds and I didn’t want to move furniture around more than necessary so I took measurements and rendered the room out in my home design program. In my rendering, things looked a bit tight but doable so this afternoon I started rearranging things.

girls room render

Silly me, I thought I was done moving furniture after I moved into this house but I was wrong. The hardest thing to move was the combination file/storage cabinet and the second hardest was Jaycie’s bedframe because it got stuck in the doorway briefly. I’m not one to admit defeat though and I mustered my strength to get everything where it needed to be.

As it turned out, my rendered room wasn’t how things worked in reality and I ended up putting more furniture in the playroom than originally planned. I definitely got a workout and I’m quite pleased with the end result!

girls room

I still have to arrange the playroom and hopefully carve out a nook for my craft table but that will wait until tomorrow because I think if I asked my body to work more tonight it would say “Wait, what?!”

About Lidancie Arts

I am a single mother of two daughters and I am a tough, independent woman. My creative passion carries into my writing and jewelry design. Through blogging, I share my experience, perspective, and how I hope to improve the world one word at a time.

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