Pawsome Pup Finds at Paws Pet Boutique!

Exterior of Paws Pet Boutique on Main Street, Amesbury

Exterior of Paws Pet Boutique on Main Street, Amesbury

If you’re a dog owner, chances are you spoil your loyal, four-legged friend. A great store to accommodate such spoiling is Paws Pet Boutique at 106 Main Street in Amesbury, MA. The moment you step inside you’ll be impressed by the surprising size of the store and the expansive selection of food, toys and supplies for dogs. The employees within the store are very friendly, helpful and happy to answer questions. Customers are greeted pleasantly and welcome to browse the variety of dog items.

For those dogs that require distractions and entertainment, there are treat balls and puzzles and the store is happy to provide you with the perfect size treats to go inside. Dogs love a challenge and work busily for several minutes trying to get all the treats out of the ball.

Just some of the toys available inside.

Just some of the toys available inside.

In the cold temperatures, ice, snow, mud, salt and sand, it’s important to protect your dog’s delicate paw pads. Paws Pet Boutique carries rubber booties by Pawz Dog Boots that are specially designed to protect paw pads and remain on the dog’s feet throughout the walk. Pawz Dog Boots are also great if your dog has an injury that the vet doesn’t want them licking because they stay on securely while keeping the paw clean and dry.

Another necessity in the chilly weather is a canine coat. Dogs with shorter fur are happier in a jacket when the temps dip below 40 degrees. Paws Pet Boutique has a large selection of dog jackets and can help you find the right size for your pup.


Along with an entire wall of dog toys, collars, leashes and supplies, there’s several varieties of dog food and treats. If you have a dog who is finicky about her food, the experts at Paws Pet Boutique can offer suggestions and help.

Paws Pet Boutique Amesbury MA

Stop into Paws Pet Boutique for everything your loyal companion requires and your pup will thank you!


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