The Ducks of Amesbury, MA

Ducks upon the water and ice of Powwow River

Ducks upon the water and ice of Powwow River

My attempt to “sneak attack” New England and avoid a winter storm by not publicizing my visit this week…failed miserably. When I left my home, there were blue skies and the promise of sunshine. The moment I got on the thruway and headed east though, Mama Nature got wind of my plans and up came a fast moving burst of snow, freezing rain and overall blech that I ended up driving right along with from Syracuse on. A trip that usually takes five and a half to six hours took 8 hours thanks to awful driving conditions and the rush hour traffic of 495 in Massachusetts.

Despite the winter weather obstacle that I will just expect from now on, Jazzmin and I arrived safely at the hotel and have been enjoying ourselves. The sight of all the snow everywhere when I pulled off the expressway was overwhelming! I knew all about the multiple storms that had been hitting New England but seeing it in person, and quite often not being able to see over and around it was quite another matter! The milder temperatures are melting a lot of the snow and that’s creating tons of huge puddles everywhere that have “nicely” washed off the undercarriage of my car several times.

Yesterday afternoon I headed into my favorite New England town of Amesbury, Massachusetts. I was planning to spend some time at Workspace 36 bouncing some ideas off Ed Justen, the owner. When I got there and saw Ed was momentarily absent, I decided to head out and take some pictures. I went immediately to Powwow River Falls because I can’t seem to resists its pull. Navigating the sidewalks to get there was quite an exercise! Some of the snow had been mostly cleared from sidewalks but there’s just so much white stuff, there’s no room to put it anymore. I managed pretty well with my winter boots on and if you want a workout like no other, walk some snowy, half-melted, slushy sidewalks for the ultimate toning leg routine!

Once at the falls, I took a few pictures and walked further up the sidewalks along the river. I soon came upon a surprising number of mallard ducks that have decided to stay in Amesbury. There were a few ducks in the water during my last visit, but this time there seemed to be quite a bit more. As I walked up toward the top of the path and occasionally paused to take pictures of the mill building I’m using in my book, a group of people behind me started feeding the ducks. I suddenly found myself in the path of countless mallard ducks all waddling, flying and scrambling to get closer to the food.

The mallards beginning their move toward the food.

The mallards beginning their move toward the food.

One of them even perched on the fence to quack at me for a few moments, wondering why I wasn’t throwing bread in her bill before she flew off to join the others

I made my way slowly and carefully along the path because I didn’t want to startle them too much. They continued down while I went up and I was certain they’d be content being fed for a bit. I paused at one point to take a picture and turned around to find one lone female mallard still following me. She eventually turned back around but I admired how hopeful and brave she was.

The lone brave duck.

The lone brave duck.

I reached the top of the path, took a few more pictures, and then headed back down toward the falls. On my way back I was quite surprised to see an army of ducks marching my way. I imagine they assumed since the other humans ran out of food, I must have more. Well, I didn’t.

So back I went, slowly and carefully through the mallard ducks as they quacked, flew and waddled around me. I’m sure they were upset I didn’t have food for them but I was actually quite amused and happy that they were all clambering to me. Sometimes it’s just nice to feel noticed even when it’s a gathering of ducks. It reminds me that I’m an important part of the universe and not someone that’s easy to ignore and dismiss. Sure, the ducks probably saw me as a potential walking bread dispenser but the point is that they saw me. I’m not as invisible as I sometimes think I am. Amazing the wisdom I learned from a multitude of mallards in Amesbury, MA.

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