Frozen Frolicking

The view across the field behind my house tonight

The view across the field behind my house tonight.

I don’t exactly frolic happily when I take Jazz outside to answer nature but we do move quickly and that’s as close to hopping and skipping as we’re going to get in this weather. I’m not a fan of running but when it comes to getting inside out of the cold, I’ll run! I’ll think of it as conditioning for when the weather’s warmer…and I still don’t like running.

There’s nothing to do about the weather really except keep bundling up and finding ways to stay warm. Another day, another prediction of negative wind chills and snow. There’s also sun with the negative temperatures and it does give the illusion of warmth and help heat the house toward the end of the day so it’s not all bad. Not all bad but definitely all cold.

The sparkle of the snow in the sunlight has a distinct beauty despite the deep chill in the air. It reminds me of the Disney movie Frozen that my girls both enjoyed. They have some of the toys from the movie and we all like the song entitled “Let It Go” so much that I downloaded it to my phone. I played it this morning to wake Jaycie up and the moment she heard the first chorus she was sitting up and curious. I love the words of the song and beauty of the sequence of the movie and it reminds me that even the frozen tundra can be magical when you view it from the right perspective.

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