New England in December, At Last!

Amesbury, MA looking festive, November 2013

Amesbury, MA looking festive, November 2013

Tomorrow morning I’m loading up my car, getting Jazzmin settled in shotgun position and hitting the road east again on another trip to New England. I haven’t taken Jazz on a trip to New England since last summer but as she loves car rides, I know she’s up for it!

This will be the first time I’ve been in New England in December. I’ve visited Boston and the outskirts twice in November but I’ve never made it in this month full of holiday festivities. And wow are there festivities! There are a couple events in Amesbury I plan on attending and other fun, new things I’ve never done before that await my enjoyment.

I do hope to get into Boston one of the days so I can see everything properly lit up and festive. A lot to do in not enough time! But I’ll cram it all in somehow or other, along with walking Jazz of course.

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