My Way is a Unique Highway (revisited)

I’ve had a rather full day of…well, everything. These are the days I’m glad I have old blog posts on Corbin Creations to re-post here. This was one I wrote when I posted the first part of the story detailing my first trip to Massachusetts. That entire story is an e-book on Amazon and were I better at self-promotion, I’d say click here now! And have a handy-dandy hyperlink. I’m not doing that though. I’m just posting the words of a blog entry that even a year later, still inspires me.


My Way is a Unique Highway – 8/6/2012

I believe I’ve probably mentioned this in previous blogs, but I don’t do things the usual way. If there’s a normal, set path for doing something then I most assuredly deviate and blaze a new trail with my machete of determination. I set a goal and it is vivid in my mind and within my power to obtain and so I pursue it every way I can figure out how. As I’m traveling the new path, I think up all these ideas and aspects of my goal that were not immediately visible to me and I then have to find bridges over occasional pitfalls. Luckily for me, I was blessed with a clever and intelligent mind that continues to amaze me and I am always able to build that bridge and find the light in total darkness.

I have never been and will never be, an average girl. Average is boring and predictable and I am vivacious and spontaneous. We are all of us extraordinary, if we just take the time to stop and look inside ourselves and realize what makes us all unique. I highly doubt following the rules brought success to any of the great trail blazers in history and being timid just means you get shoved aside out of the path of braver folks. I don’t take being pushed aside well and I certainly don’t abide by being overlooked and forgotten. To that end I’ve learned not to let certain things faze me and to accept that when someone fails to see my potential, it is a failing on their part and not my own. I’m tough and I’m strong but I am also very loving and expressive. It really is all about finding balance.

In my quest for my dreams, I have posted the first of many installments in my Massachusetts story on the page appropriately named “Massachusetts.” It truly is my story and not a fictional tale meant to draw in audiences. Writing fiction is far safer and what I’m accustomed to but playing it safe only seems to hold me back. You can certainly get to know an author through their fictional characters because they are all extensions of the writer, but I thought for now I’d just skip ahead and let you know the real me. My beloved English teacher told me in 11th grade that I should write my autobiography and I remember thinking he was crazy. I was only 16, what did I know of life yet? Turns out, he knew what he was talking about and finally at 35, I’m taking his advice. I regret that he has passed and is not here to witness my transformation from shy girl to brave, bold, determined, stubborn, strong woman but I know that his spirit is impressed and continues to cheer me on. Thank you, Derek, I promise I’ll make you proud!

About Lidancie Arts

I am a single mother of two daughters and I am a tough, independent woman. My creative passion carries into my writing and jewelry design. Through blogging, I share my experience, perspective, and how I hope to improve the world one word at a time.

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