Don’t Go Halfway…

I didn’t want to break my blogging streak but I’ve had a rather busy, tiring day so I’ve copied and pasted in a blog post I wrote on my Corbin Creations blog last summer. I walked the big hill tonight so the post is relevant and the message in it is something I need to remind myself about more often. Enjoy!


Don’t Go Halfway, Take the Whole Dang Hill! 7/12/2012

I’ve been slacking and haven’t taken Jazzmin on a good walk in a while. It’s been too warm or too buggy…or some other stupid excuse. Well it was cooler last night and the nastiest of the biting flies have died out for the summer so off we went! As usual, Jazz was raring to go, but as I’m teaching her not to pull, we stopped five times before we even made it to the end of my road. The local bunnies were testing her obedience by munching happily away in the shoulder of the road and while Jazz wanted to chase the adorable little fluffy things, I kept her under control and made her sit until they hopped off out of sight.  That distraction dealt with, we resumed our stride.

The air was a little thick but there was a nice breeze to help cool the sweat and I decided I’d take Jazz halfway up the biggest hill on our walk route. The sun had nearly set and neither of us was at our aerobic peak anymore so it seemed like a reasonable plan. We got halfway up without any trouble and I paused just a moment before deciding we were going to conquer the whole hill. Halfway had been easy enough and we weren’t overly winded and continuing the uphill climb didn’t seem daunting at all. After all, we’d done it many times before…

I quickly remembered that the hill gets much steeper after the halfway point as my calves and thighs burned and Jazz’s tongue began to drag on the ground. She certainly wasn’t pulling anymore and we were both panting but we kept going at our strong pace and sure enough we made it up! The view of the surrounding countryside is amazing from the top of that hill and it’s like stepping into a whole new world. I was very proud of myself and my breath soon returned.

No one was there cheering me on or pushing me to go all the way up and Jazz would have been fine turning around, but I’m just not someone who can go halfway. Even if it seems crazy and risky, I go all the way and I’m constantly testing my own limits and discovering my own strength. In order to be a source of strength for those I love, I have to first be strong myself. I have to have faith that somehow things will be okay. As I told my best friend last night, there are more dimensions to faith than there are stars in the sky.

My friend has told me that with Jazz I need to be the leader, he says it’s up to me to show her the way. Have confidence, he says. Great words of advice for much more than training my pup! I admit that my confidence can waver on occasion and it really never should because I know in my heart that I am an amazing woman and that I can handle, and have handled, anything life throws at me. Life lessons are rarely easy and they hurt, but I know that when I keep going and push through the pain, all the suffering will be healed by the bright, beautiful light that forever shines through the darkness.


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I am a single mother of two daughters and I am a tough, independent woman. My creative passion carries into my writing and jewelry design. Through blogging, I share my experience, perspective, and how I hope to improve the world one word at a time.

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