Good Intentions Matter

Walking with Jazzmin and my daughters rather than writing

Walking with Jazzmin and my daughters rather than writing

Good intentions matter. Even if you don’t get done what you intended to do, having the intention of doing it matters. Now if all you do is have good intentions while never following through on any of them, they lose their importance. It’s about finding balance even when you’re walking on a wobbly beam that spans the length of a piranha-filled river. Not easy but definitely possible.

My intention yesterday was to write about how Jazzmin and Owl learned to get along. It would have been the conclusion of my previous two blogs that featured each of their stories. Obviously that blog entry didn’t happen yesterday and it won’t be happening today either. It’s a cute story but it can wait. I decided to work on my upcoming ebook and spend time with my family yesterday instead. I don’t regret that decision and my good intentions just went a different direction.

I’m sure numerous people reading this have already formatted and published an ebook or two so they know everything involved. I didn’t realize all the steps of the process until I seriously committed myself to doing it early last week. My ebook is the story about my first visit to Boston, Massachusetts in November of 2011. I love the story because I lived it and when I posted it as a blog a while back, it was well-received. Turning it into a book was quite another undertaking though.

I’m awful at editing my own writing. I don’t have the perfect grasp of grammar and I get so swept up in the story that I forget I’m supposed to be editing and proofreading. I realized last week that I needed help editing it. I’d just finished reading A Little Slice of Heaven by Gina Ardito and when I went to her website to see what else she’s written, I saw she does editing too. I shot her a quick email, learned she had a short window of availability to edit my story, took a deep breath and jumped. I sent her my 7012 word story and crossed my fingers.

When I received my edited story back from Gina a couple days later, it read even better than before and I was so happy! It was the boost to my self-confidence that I needed and I was even more determined to get my story out there. I highly recommend Gina Ardito as an editor and will definitely be using her again! I’m also reading another one of her books because that first one I read put the wind back in my romantic sails as it were. I even reviewed it on Amazon.

I spent the next few days after that formatting my story for Nook in the free time I had when I wasn’t working my day job, caring for my daughters, keeping up a house and writing freelance articles. I really need more hours in a day! While I know perfection is impossible, I don’t want to do a shoddy job of formatting my book so the details matter to me. I realized I can either rush just to get my book out there or I can slow down a bit and choose a date to publish it.

I decided I’d aim for this Sunday, Father’s Day, in honor and memory of my father. After all, he was with me in spirit as I explored (and became lost in) Boston that fateful November day, it only makes sense that I acknowledge his unending support. These are good intentions I know I will follow through on. It’s a goal I’ve set for myself and a long overdue realization of a dream. I don’t expect my short story to change the world but I do hope my words touch people and inspire them to explore this amazing journey called life.


About Lidancie Arts

I am a single mother of two daughters and I am a tough, independent woman. My creative passion carries into my writing and jewelry design. Through blogging, I share my experience, perspective, and how I hope to improve the world one word at a time.

2 thoughts on “Good Intentions Matter

  1. Diane says:

    Good luck in the final 100 metre sprint to finishing your e-book. Having your goal be Father’s Day, in honor and memory of your Dad, touched me. Here’s to all of us having the courage to pursue our goals, enjoy exploring “this amazing journey called life” (love that line) and inspiring people along the way. Cheers!

  2. corbingirl77 says:

    Thank you very much for your encouraging words 🙂 I’m always striving to be as great a person as my father was and to honor his memory to the best of my abilities! I love it when my words and actions inspire people because I’m just one small voice among the masses.

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